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Well hello there!  Here is a little bit about us and how we became a family:

We are the Kent family. 

My Husband, Mike and I met in college- a small Catholic University called Franciscan.  We started dating our Junior year, were engaged by our Senior year (right before graduation!) and got married the following year. We had our first child the year after that......I guess we don't like waiting around for things, just one thing after the next!  The first time Mike and I hung out with a group of people, we were bowling, and after the event he thought to himself  "Wow, that girl is CRAZY, I could never date her!"....well guess he got a little crazy himself because he not only dated this girl, he married her- and now 6 years deep (8 including dating) we are crazy in love and sometimes, well, drive each other crazy.  For better or for worse, right?!

We live in San Diego, where I grew up and most of my family resisdes. We have great support in many friends and family out here and are truly blessed to be surrounded by so much love and laughter. We still live in our first home, which was built in the 1940s, so it is an older home and we have made quite a bit of headway on it, but as homeownership goes- there is always a list a mile long of things still to do.  We are proud of our homestead though and I am continuing to strive for ways to make it more of a home.

Our Daughter- Gigi, short for Giuliana, is now 5 and is spunky, thoughtful, sweet and....well to put it gently, full of personality. A little sassafrass. 5 going on 15, Lord help me.  She brings much joy into our life and there is definitely never a dull moment. She is over the moon about being a big sister and that occupies 98% of her day, smothering Charlie with kisses.  Ever since she has started to really talk and let her personality out and reveal her little mind, we have been in stitches with laughter and delight. She is just the best. Our first
born, there is just a special place in our heart for her.

Our Son- Charlie (Charlie Bear, Bubbaroo, Char Char, Bubbers, it goes on..) is now 1 and growing faster than I can believe.  It must be a boy thing but he is gaining weight and chunking up like crazy.  Gigi was so petite growing up, so this tank is a real shocker.  He is our miracle boy and the product of much prayer, which I hope to share his story somewhere down the line in my blogging future.  Needless to say, he is the sparkle in our eyes and just a sweet sweet boy.  We enjoy his cooing, smiles and laughs and of course eat up his chunker cheeks all day long!

We are a Catholic family, our faith is important to us and the foundation of our lives.  We love Jesus. We love the Church. We love the Pope. We just love it all. We strive to reflect the love of Christ in our words and actions and live out our christian beliefs as only we know how- authentically.

 We are adventure seekers.  Life just throws you so many twists and turns the only way to view it is like one big adventure. In that light, we see all things as something of a thrill, something to be enjoyed to the fullest and embraced.  The journey is upward and ongoing and we are in it for the ride.  We do love the "planned" adventures...aka traveling, road tripping, vacationing (who doesnt?!)  Those are where some serious memories can be made, we love our big trips with extended family to Hawaii and the River. We especially love when we can break away for the day and head to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland, and all be kids for the day...but seriously we are kinda Disney freaks, so watch out! 

Well, that is a little bit about us....hope you don't think we are too crazy...but then again, 
I know that we are so that is ok! =) want to join us on this crazy train?!! Its more fun to do it together, so lets get to it!!!

(Family Pictures were taken by the talented Katie Beverley)


  1. This is so fun, Cassie! So excited to have another wonderful blog to add to my reader :) Your family is beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Ana! So happy you will be following along!

  2. Cassie, have loved flicking through your posts...what a gorgeous family! So glad to have found you!! :)

  3. Disneyland, skiing, Hawaii, the River, own a home in San Diego....what does your husband do for a living? Thinking we may need a career change around here.

  4. Love reading about your family! Stopping by from the social media mixer. :)

  5. Barbara Phelps-LordAugust 25, 2014 at 9:03 AM

    Love how you write and your love for church, family and the HOME!!! I check into everyday and looking forward to seeing more blogs of yours!! thank you for sharing!

  6. Cassie, I'm so glad you came and stopped by my blog earlier. I love meeting new people, and seeing what they are all about! Your family is absolutely beautiful. Also, you and your husband's love story is priceless! I look forward to seeing your future posts :)


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