Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3 DIY Shoe Makeovers

One shoe...Three different ways of making it yours and truly unique. All you need to start is a white canvas shoe, this one was found at Kmart, but there are many other places you can find a perfect shoe for this project. Have fun!

1. Homre Ombre...


  • Watercolors
  • 2 paintbrushes
  • water
  • shoes

Step 1: Moisten your entire shoe with water using a clean paintbrush.

Step 2: Choose your color from your watercolor paints and start at the toe of the shoe, using a different paintbrush

Step 3: Really saturate the toe of the shoe with paint. Be generous. I went about half way up the toe and stopped

Step 4: Take your clean water brush, dip it in water place it at the toe of the shoe and "pull" the paint towards the back of the shoe. Repeat this process until shoe is covered. I wanted the emphasis on the Ombre to be noticeable only at the toe of the shoe, so most of the shoe is one color, but if you wanted the entire shoe to really have the ombre effect keep adding water and diluting the paint

to adjust the color of your shoe or if you did not put enough paint on the toe of your shoes to really stretch out over the whole shoe, make a diluted solution on the side and add that to your shoe, followed by the water paintbrush to smooth it out

Done. Perfection. 

This is a really easy project. Highly recommend and the result is gorgeous!

2. Stella Stencil


  • desired stencil design
  • acrylic paint
  • textile medium fabric solution
  • sponge brush
  • small brush
  • towel
  • shoes

Step 1: Start with the acrylic paint color of your choice and mix it with the textile medium. 
Half paint/Half Medium. Mix. Done.

Step 2: Stuff your shoes with a towel in order to help the shoe be firm for your stenciling

Step 3: Affix the stencil to the desired area of your shoe, you can use tape, but I found if you have a friend around to hold it for you, that is best.

Step 4: Take your sponge brush dip in paint and go for it. The technique I recommend is dabbing at the design instead of actually brushing.

Step 5: Go over any noticeable imperfections with a small brush and fix them up

There she is. beauty. 

The stenciling was a but harder and it really helps to have another set of hands to help you.  If you look close you can notice some imperfections and unevenness so perfectionists....beware!

3. Polka-Dot Princess

  • Paint Pens (make sure they can be use on fabric, you dont want the ones that will bleed!)
  • Shoes

Step 1: Choose your color paint pen and polka-dot away. I decided to make a lot and vary them in size. I also just free-handed them, but it would also look nice if you were to use a stencil

Step 2: REPEAT

This project was by FAR the easiest in supply needs and in effort. I was thinking this would be a super fun project for young girls....or 30 year olds ;)

Finished products one more time....

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Currently {Volume 11}

Thinking About...Being intentional about spending quality time with the people we love most. This weekend we took a trip with my grandparents, only my grandparents, to Laughlin, Nevada (kinda like a mini Las Vegas, less class, but more affordability...right up our alley, hey we are all about saving the $$). Laughlin, as my Grandma puts it is her "Disneyland", her happy place and their happy getaway. So Mike and I were delighted to put this trip on the calendar to intentionally spend quality time with these two amazing people in our lives.  It was so great to take a short trip to refresh ourselves and have a break from the, uninterrupted sleep and going an entire day without smelling like baby spit up?! hello! heaven. AND spending the entire trip with two of the most amazing people on this planet was a serious, serious blessing. We were blown away.

Watching...The crazy lights and the sounds of the choo choo train slot machine we loved playing....and this girl right here was a big winner. I won $570.00!!! CRAZY. All because I accidentally hit the max bet and happened to win. pure. amazing. dumb luck.

Listening to...Stories, stories and more stories from my grandparents life. We had a total of 12 hours traveling in the car with my grandparents and so we were able to listen to many amazing, funny, inspiring stories from their incredible lives. 

and some fun quote gems...

Gramps: "Well as I figure, you either have to be handsome or handy...good thing I am handy"

Grams: "Honey, (my gramps), I love you more than Laughlin"

Thankful For... These two people. They LOVE the Lord with their whole heart, mind and soul. Their boldness in their faith blows my socks off.  They love each other (married 60 year!) deeply....inspiring Mike and I to serve and love each other better. What an example they give!  They truly know how to live their life to the full. Love you so much Grams and Pops...thanks for taking us away for the weekend ;)....Oh and if you want to read more about them you check it out Here, Here and wont be disappointed.

What about you? What are you CURRENTLY up to?

   A Mama Collective

Friday, July 18, 2014

4 Fun Girl Birthday Pary Themes // #2 Minnie Mouse Party

Stop #2 of this series brings us to Gigi's 2nd Birthday at the Park- Minnie Mouse theme.

Summer's are rough sometimes to host a birthday party, because where we live it can get into the 90's, so its just too hot (I am totally weak sauce my temperature range is like 72-76).  Since it was a scorcher this particular year, we hosted G's party at a park more coastal which is about 10 degrees cooler, BIG difference.  She was obsessed with any Mickey Mouse Clubhouse character, so I zero inned on Minnie Mouse. 

When planning a park party there are many Pros and Cons....

  • Already activities for kids to do (playground)
  • Don't necessarily need to organize activities for the kids
  • Forces me to scale back and be more simple
  • Change of venue- it is fun to go somewhere different, feels festive
  • Kids LOVE the park, so will really enjoy it

  • You have to keep a close eye on kids because you are in a big public space
  • I cannot decorate as detailed as I want
  • you have to lug all your crap to the park....shade, coolers, cupcakes, toys etc...
  • you have to get there early, good spots can go fast on the weekend

My preference is still to have parties at my house, I find that easiest, but that can get boring after awhile...especially for a child that becomes more opinionated on what they want to do for their birthday.  This was a fun way to mix things up!

Thanks Auntie "B" for the amazing chalk art!

Gigi's new bike from Nana and Papa

and YES Gigi is wearing Pink Rainbow flip flops- We are Cali through and through.

My favorite element of the theme incorporated into this party were these adorable minnie cake pops!!! I am not a baker, the cake is something I dread...(I am responsible for those hideous, but yummy, cupcakes in the background) I am entirely thankful for my friend Stephanie who volunteered to make these! She is the cake pop queen!

G- your 2nd birthday was so much fun sweet girl. I Love You.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pallet Vertical Succulent Garden // DIY

I have been wanting to do this project for over a year. This pallet has literally been sitting in my backyard just waiting for me to get motivated....and I am thankful I finally did!  After much Pinterest educating, I tackled this long overdue project....can you tell I love succulents this now is the 4th or 5th succulent project I have made!

Landscaping Fabric
Staple Gun
5 Cubic feet of Dirt (I bought the kind specific for succulents)

Step 1: Obtain a Pallet. I am sure there are several ways you can obtain them for free. Here in San Diego we seem to have them in every alley, so once I saw this one in decent shape I scooped it up. I stained it a dark color, before I started and I am glad I did it makes the green of the succulents really Pop! Also sand down any really jagged edges.

Step 2: Take your Landscaping fabric, measure it out the size of your pallet. I measured mine out 3 times the size I needed so I could fold it over upon itself and thus creating a thicker barrier.

Step 3: Staple the heck out of it. staple everywhere. Especially focus on the bottom and the sides making sure it is tightly fixed.

Step:4 Place Pallet flat on the ground, opening side up.  ***IMPORTANT*** place your pallet as close to where you want to permanently place it, because it will be VERY heavy. I was shocked it took 2 grown men to move my pallet about a yard and it was a strenuous activity.

Step 5:  Add dirt.  Maybe it was because my pallet was larger then others, but I went through 5 bags of dirt! I saw a tutorial that only called for one, so I bought 2, then I had to go to the store for more....then again for more...totaling 5 bags. So I recommend if you don't want to make several trips get more then you need! Pack it in nice and tight especially on the bottom. 

Step 6: Add Succulents.  My pallet garden is thankfully made entirely from cuttings I was able to get them from neighbors, family, friends and even my own yard and I still keep adding to it! This was a HUGE  save on cost!

Step 7: Ideally let it sit for a few weeks in order to allow plants to root before moving it vertical. I waited about a week though, and it was fine.

Succulents do not need to watered a ton, maybe once a week. Enjoy your vertical pallet garden.

Photo Credit: Pictures of the Pallet Vertical Garden were beautifully taken by the amazing Katie Beverley

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Currently {Volume 10}

Thinking About...Community. How all our hearts yearn for it. To be wanted. To be needed. To belong. We find community in many different places: family, friends, church, ministry, cyberspace ;).  In some respects it is easy to find, BUT hard to cultivate, nurture and grow.  It is something that has to be natural, organic and have a base of commonality.

I have been thinking how I can better serve others around me from the people closest to me- to the people you randomly encounter in your day.  I want to be a light. I want to leave a positive impact on the world- and even greater I want people to understand the love of Christ through me.

We are very blessed to live in a place where we are surrounded by family and life-long friends. Community is at our finger tips all the time, but can be so easily taken for granted and not cultivated.  Community needs to be purposeful. Intentional. If we forget to put forth the effort to get together and invest in the each others is lost. So even when community is easily found, it can be difficult to make it really come together.  

We are blessed that this weekend we were intentional. We made an effort. We spent time just to be together. For that I am grateful. I hope I can continue to learn to cultivate community in the lives of the people the Lord has put into my life.

Watching... My Son grow up TOOOOO fast. He just cut his first tooth and he just looks so darn old. Stop it Charlie. Just Stop!

Listening to... The Sergio Mendes Pandora channel. With World Cup being in Brazil and hearing the theme song over and over we have been inspired by the music, so Mike put on this channel and we are hooked! This channel is the best- its relaxing, beautiful and makes me really want to travel.

Thankful For... Living in a beautiful place. The Lord moves me through nature and I can feel my heart soaring when I am inspired by the beauty HE has created.

What about you? What are you CURRENTLY up to?

   A Mama Collective
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