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Kreative Recap :: August // Anthropologie Inspired Confetti Glasses

Friday, August 29, 2014

Kreative for the month of August we made these Anthropologie Inspired Confetti Glasses (a set of 4!). It was a beautiful night, full of creativity and yummy food.  I was so happy to have teamed up with Sarah, from Vegetarian Cooking Parties, to bring the ladies a truly delectable evening.  We crafted, we drank, we ate. What more could you ask for?  Here is the night recapped in pictures, which were taken by the incredibly talented Katie Beverley.

Thanks again, Sarah, for making this Kreative night a really delicious and memorable one!  

For a full tutorial on how to make your own glass set come on over here.

For September we will be making Rustic Interchangeable Signs, that can be used throughout the year! For all the details check out the Kreative tab, or click here. If you live in the San Diego area, I would love for you to come!

Thank you to all lovely ladies for coming out!

Backyard Water Park Fun// Sayonara Summer // Water Blob Tutorial

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I posted over a week ago all the fun details of Gigi's Frozen birthday party.  One of the huge things we did was make our backyard into an interactive water park for the kids.  Not only was it a perfect way for the kids to have a TON of fun at the party, but it was a great' time to say 'adios' to the lazy days of summer and kick off the school year right.  So here is all the main components that went into making this day wonderfully wet.

First up the heavy hitter for the day, The WATER BLOB. We had to practically drag the kids off it in order to eat cake, which was not a problem I would ever thought possible.

Tutorial on how to make the "Water Blob"

1. Buy a package of Plastic Sheeting. The thick kind (3.5 mil), this one even had a moisture barrier (perfect!). I got the 10ftx25ft, but I cut it because it was just way to big, so it was more like 10x20ish.

2. Fold it in half

3. Take a piece of parchment paper, mine was approximately two feet in length, fold in half

4. Measure about 2.5 inches up from the folded side of your paper, and make a line that goes all the way across your paper. This will be your guide while ironing.

5. Turn iron on high. I found it easy enough to use my ironing board on the floor, since the plastic is so heavy

6. Sit yourself, the iron and ironing board down by your plastic on the floor. Start at one corner that is by the fold and work your way around.

 7. Parchment paper with the folded side closest to you and open side facing out. Pull your plastic sheeting into your parchment paper guide (its kind of like a pocket) all the way until it hits your fold

8. Iron the parchment paper (with the plastic sheeting in it) ironing the complete area under the line you made earlier. Do not go slow. Quick back and forth movements a few times will suffice. You do not want to completely melt the plastic or create holes

9. Let the plastic cool maybe 20 seconds after you take the iron off before attempting the take off the parchment paper. Once it is cooled slowly take it out of your parchment pocket, check to make sure it looks similar to the above picture 

10.  Keep going around until it is finished, pay close attention to corners and go over them a few times if needed. Do NOT forget to leave a little hole for the hose to fit through!

 11. When it is time to fill it up make sure to choose a place that is as flat as possible. **we had a slight incline on one side, so it made for a little bit lopsided blob and air bubbles...both things the kids did not notice =)**

12. Prop your hose up on a 1-2 foot object so that as the blob fills up, the hose does not come out

13. After the blob was slightly full I added, water coloring (one whole bottle), glitter and foam cut outs to create more interest

14. After the Blob is filled up enough to your liking (it took about hour) seal the hole with duct tape. **after trial and error, we found that sealing the seem with one piece of tape, then folding it and taping it again worked best , dont be afraid to be generous with the tape!**

15. We also squirted water on top of the blob to make is slippery and wet 

16. Go WILD!

-Once we had about 6+ kids on it at one time, the blob did get a hole, BUT the water did not gush out of it like I thought would happen, in fact it still retained its shape...and made it more fun, the kids would jump on it and then water would squirt out! It is probably because the hole was on the top of the blob, I am sure it was on the bottom it would not have been as much fun. I was super impressed how durable it was- it lasted through a 3 hour party of 10 kids, I am pretty happy about that! 
-Also, please note if you fill the blob with glitter and then drain it in your backyard, you will have a sparkling, shimmery, blinding backyard for who knows how long- we are still reaping the effects
- I have to give a shot out to Leisha from Homemade Toast for creating this genius method of making the blob without so much tape and I think with better results! Of course ours still leaked, but that was unavoidable with so many kids on it.

 Freeze a little toy and let the kids figure out how to get it out! They used hammers, spoons, threw it on the concrete (make sure to supervise that one!) or let it melt on the hot concrete until they found their new prized possession!

 This fun water element- Liter Bottle Shower- is made with: 1- 2 Liter Bottle, female to female connector (found at Home Depot), drill holes in the bottom and attach to hose....voila! Splash Zone!

 Another fun way to get wet was throwing around SPONGE BOMBS! Whether you were being hit by one, or just happened to be underneath as they were being launched around the backyard, you were sure to get wet!

1. I bought about a dozen or so sponges at the 99 cent store (2 pack for $1!) 
2. Cut the sponges into stripes
3. Stack them on top of themselves- I did 6 stripes but you could easily do 8 or 4 just depends on how big or small you want them
4. Cut a strong string
5. Tie tight around and knot it well
6. Bombs AWAY! Your in business!

No backyard in the summer is ever complete with out a classic slip n' slide! We found this simple one at Wal Mart for $10 and this is our 3rd summer using it! I think we got our money's worth for sure!

I hope you all had a fun and memorable summer! Cannot wait to see what festivities the fall will bring, 30th birthday being one!

What fun things did you do this summer?!!

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Motivational Monday Party Link-Up

Monday, August 25, 2014

I am beyond excited to be a co-host with these creative ladies for Motivational Monday's Party Link-Up!
I am so excited to be inspired by all your creativity, so lets get to it!

What I have been up to is.....making these fantastic glasses! Love a good hack, especially an Anthropologie one!

Ready to share what motivates you? Link up a recent post of yours something that motivates you to create or just be awesome! Our goal is for this link up to focus on craft, DIY, & home posts so please try to remember that when linking up. Please limit it to three links per week and remember to link directly to your post. Do not link stores, giveaways, or other link parties. Also, hop around some of the other posts that have been linked up to share the love and get motivated by what others have been up to...because of course, this is Motivational Monday after all.

Each week, each hostess will feature their favorite post from the previous week. By linking up, you agree to let each host share your photo and link back to your site. Link party goes live Monday and ends at 5:00pm PST on Friday.

Don't forget to grab a Motivational Monday button in the sidebar to put on your own blog to help spread the love!  

I chose this week, Tara from Anything and Everything. Her Mason Jar fall display is seriously the cutest! It totally gets me inspired and ready for fall decorating! Yea! Thank you so much Tara!

Please make sure to grab this button and boast away!

Kent Heartstrings

Anthropologie Inspired Confetti Glasses // DIY // Old Fashion Recipe

Friday, August 22, 2014

I fell in love with these glasses at Anthropolgie. They are colorful, fun and a great size. But $30? Paaalease. I don't have that kind of money, but a few bucks into thrift store glasses and a package of paint pens...I am pretty darn happy with this equivalent.

Glasses- Found these at the thrift for $1 a piece! Also found some cute ones at the 99cent store
Paint Pens- this brand was called "Painters" that I found at Joann's (and used my coupon!) for about $10 (but with coupon about $6).**You can use a lot of different brands, just make sure it says it can be used on a glass surface!**

Project Total: $10 !!!

Dot Away....I would focus on one color. Let it set and dry for 2 minutes- you can even work on another glass, by the time I was done with 4 glasses, the first one was dry. Then you can choose another color and continue to dot away....
Keep on Keepin' get a "full" dotted look I did A LOT of them. I also switched from medium to fine pen widths for variety.

I think the Fiesta Colorful one is my favorite! 

For best results let them dry for an entire day then...
To seal the paint put glass in a cold oven and set it to 350 degrees and let them "cook" for 30 minutes, turn oven off, let the glasses cool down in the oven then take them out and let them cool
I recommend hand-washing these beauties

My Summer drink of choice this year has been the Old Fashion, oh man is it good. Love me my night cap and the Hubs makes a perfect one! Now I have some fabulous new glasses for my favorite drink. Enjoy! Cheers!

Want some more confetti glass inspiration? Come check out the fun had at Kreative! Many women made their own versions of these glasses!

Love this craft?! Check out more fun ideas!

Follow Cassie Kent {Kent Heartstrings}'s board Craft on Pinterest.

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Hosting an elegant outdoor party // Mom and Dad's Anniversary Celebration

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

As all of you know by now, I LOVE hosting a party. Ever since we moved into the house, the backyard has always been the crown jewel of our property. I have been dreaming of hosting an elegant, romantic, glowing dinner party in our make shift gazebo.  I finally seized the opportunity this summer, because I have also been really wanting honor my parents on their anniversary.  I feel like it slips through the cracks all the time and sheesh, am I every grateful for the marriage, now I think more then ever.  I wanted to do it up BIG.  So, we surprised them and threw them a dinner party, completely catered to them...what they love, memories we have created and places we like to go and it included people they love! Us kids (my brother and I), our spouses and the grandkiddies were the "help" for the night, serving, honoring and making sure everyone was having a wonderful night. It felt good to serve the ones that loved us first...  

Here is all the fun details of the night.

Gourmet S'More Bar.  All the S'more concoctions had names that had to do with our annual family River Trip we take every year. It was a yummy way of remembering so many fun times.
Cornhole and Cocktails- my dad's favorite combo....specifically a with a rum and coke.
The festive bunch.

The dance floor was illuminated by a ton of tea light candles rimmed around it.  Grace, my sister-in-law provided the music with her own songs (which we all love and cannot get enough of!)
The Love Birds.
All the kids and kids-in-law took a turn to say a few words to honor the happy mom cried...the entire time, which surprised nobody
Then it was off to roasting s'mores!
We even had grand kid entertainment, they sang a few songs they both knew, one being the ABC' was very romantic. 
I hope you enjoyed a walk in my backyard.  
Now go and enjoy hosting in the great outdoors in the last few days of summer we have left!

Check out this whimsy outdoor party too!
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