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Something always has to give...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

In the ebb and flow of life, something has to always give to make room for something else.  In order to make room for new things, you must get rid of some of the old. To allow something new to grow you need to prune back what was already there.  Something has to give.

We are only given so much time on this God given earth, so TIME is precious. valuable. irreplaceable.  How we spend that time varies too for everyone.  

Maybe its my over analytic mind, but I am always waging and comparing things against each other in order to understand their importance and then decide which one is deemed more important to my life, after that the other thing has to go, there is not room in life for two. 

I am re-evaluating... what was important to me in college was not so important to me as a married woman....what was important to me as a newlywed was not as important to me as a mother....what was important to me as a mother of one is not so important now as a mother of two.  Perspective is constantly changing, ideas, life, circumstances, they all offer us a great opportunity to grow as a human being in who we are, and if are a religious person, especially in who we are before God.

Balance. I re-evaluate on the regular, because I am always searching for balance. If there isn't balance in things that are important to us then...something has to give... in order to reestablish that balance and bring back peace and flow to our lives.  But the difficulty lies in our lives being filled with so many "good things" so the decisions can become very hard even down right painful.  The hardest decisions usually are between something great and something what has to go?! How do we ever decide?!

When Mike and I realize our life is "out of wack" we have to prayerfully give a stern look at our lives, go back to basics on what we value as important, and make sure our actions and activities reflect that.

Decisions. They have to be made and sometimes they are hard. Sometimes they are even painful or sacrificial. But often times that pain is temporary, your perspective shifts and then a whole new wave of peace enters in and joy overwhelms you. 

All of this to say that I am taking a step back from this darling little blog of mine. Taking a step back to breathe.  I want to really do, with the little time I have to actually call my own, something that fills me up and brings me so much life I am bursting! I do not know if this blog, at the present moment, is doing that for me, even though there have been times that this little space has made me giddy. I want to keep myself in check too....I truthfully spend too much time here, more then I should.  When my daughter bribes me by saying, "Mom you want to snuggle? Then you need to put the computer down." then I definitely know I have been staring at this screen for far too long in my day.  I do not want my time with my husband in the evening to be compromised either, even if our hangout time is binge watching some show on Netflix, I want us both staring at the same screen together.

I want to follow my heart and focus my attention on my Kreative:: Craft Nights and see if I can make that grow and I want to give more of myself to the Blessed is She ministry and community of women I am honored to be a part of and serve. That is where the Lord is calling me, that is where the Lord is really making me happy...and spending more time starng into the eyes of children and husband is truly what my life is all about. So I am going to get back to that. 

I am alive well over on Instagram (@kentheartstrings) and would love for you to continue to join me over there or start! I would love to follow you all as well, if I am not already! I even started a Instagram pop-up shop @kentheartstrings_shop selling things that I love making and want to share with you!  I will be keeping this space up and running, I will post a lot more infrequently and I see it shifting even more focusing in on Kreative and all the fun and crafty things we do!

Thank you for listening to all the ponderings of my heart, encouraging me and supporting me. I have loved getting glimpses of your lives and being a part of this whole "blogging community" that goes on around here! The internet can be such a life giving place, as long as it is of course, in its place.  I hope all of you get down to roots of what makes your heart go pitter-pat and have the courage to step into that...or in some cases, step back. ;)....

something always has to give... but I have a feeling, I will receive more then I am giving up ;)
Much Love. 



  1. Cassie! I will miss your cheery posts but I definitely get you. I'm wrestling with my amount of online screentime these days myself and trying to figure out what is priority for me there. Thank you for being the amazing woman of God that you are!! You are an awesome witness. <3

  2. I totally get where you're coming from :) I too have these feelings often... Blogging is such a rat race, I find since I've dropped out of the rat race and focus more on the connections I've made through it I'm less stressed... If I don't get a post up, whatever.

    I'll miss you posts! :) xo

  3. Cassie, you and your beautiful self will be missed but I know your time away from your space will be so incredibly fruitful and filled with peace! Excited to keep up with you on IG though! :) Yay for me! Prayers for your time away from here and if you'll keep me in your prayers so that I too can be more diligent with my time and efforts for His Will! :)

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