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Fairy Garden // DIY // QT time with my daughter

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My daughter loves being such a girly girl.  Pink, ribbons, dress-up, princess and so on is her life.  She loves fairies too, so as a fun and basically free project we made a fairy garden.  My husband has been telling Gigi for sometime now that growing fairies come to her at night and make her grow, thats why she has gotten so big recently...duh?!  She of course is sold on that idea, so it came at a perfect time when I suggested that we make a home for them to visit when they come to see her.  She was IN TO IT, wow, if only I could bottle that enthusiasm up and channel it towards cleaning her room or eating her dinner, ah well. 

It was fun to have a project to work together on and spend only me and her time, since Charlie is always around and the needs of a baby are such that my attention is always on demand for him when he needs it, I fear she gets neglected. But she is a champ and is a very understanding, sweet girl.  It was fun to see her imagination come alive, and she thought of things I would not....she made sure there were blankets (leaves), pillows (flowers), and a broom to sweep up (a feather). 

It took very little effort and no money.  I already bought a miniature garden set a few years ago, I cut succulent clippings for the garden and we literally just walked around our yard collecting scraps of things here and there that would suit our (and the fairies) needs.  I also had a few left-over things from her fairy themed birthday party a few years ago- a few small bunting flags i made, moss, small flowers etc..

Here is the end result:

The happy little sprite =)

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