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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The year 2013 brought many changes for our family and for many of our friends, namely a handful of us moms are now either stay-at-home moms or only working part-time.  For our family we are blessed for me to be at home full time with the kiddos.  My cousin, Diana, came up to me sometime over the summer and asked about getting together for some preschool thing with our kids.  I got really excited about it and in one evening Diana and I had punched out a tentative schedule and outline of what the days would look like.  Diana blasted out an email to all the moms we knew that could make it work, we got two responses, so all together there was four Moms and four preschool aged kids (plus we all now have #2 in tow as well).

Its the perfect number, 4, since we meet only once a week (Thursdays), we are able to evenly spread out the lessons in a given month.

So here is the breakdown:

  • We meet once a week, Thursdays from 9:45-12ish
  • Whoever is teaching the lesson is also hosting the event at their house
  • Every month has an overlying theme and each week we break it down
  • Mom pack a lunch so that after the lesson (11ish) the kids can play and have lunch before heading home
  • We do NOT drop the kids off, this all for one- one for all participatory co-op

This is an example of what we did our very first "Semester" just to give you a visual

September theme: SEASONS

September 5th-Summer--host: Cassie
September 12th-Fall--host: Sarah
Sept. 19- Winter--host: Steph
Sept. 26th- Spring--host: Diana 

October theme: Transportation

Oct. 3rd-cars/buses--host: Cassie
Oct. 10th-train/trolley--host: Sarah (field trip taking Trolley downtown)
Oct. 17th-planes--host: Steph
Oct. 24th-lesson on the saints--host: Diana
Oct. 31st-NO CLASS  

November theme: Animals 

Nov. 7- Mammals--host: Cassie
Nov. 14th- Amphibians/Reptiles--host: Sarah
Nov. 21st- Insects--host: Steph
Nov. 28th- NO CLASS  

Theme for December: Advent 

Dec.5- Meaning of Advent (Advent chain)--host: Diana

Sample of Lesson Schedule:
9:45- Arrive/Prep
10:02- Intro to lesson
10:15- Lesson/Story
10:35- Snack
10:45- hand on experience/craft
11:00- Play time!

As a side note some of you might be wondering what is happening with the other siblings while the lesson is happening, and well its really a week to week thing on how we handle it.  Sometimes all other moms that are not the teacher take all the kids out to another room or outside to play/distract the kids. Or we let the 2yr olds somewhat participate as long as they are quiet.  The trickiest part is the sibling whose mom is teaching that day, because depending on their mood they only want mommy, so those days the 2yr old sits on the mommy's lap during the entire lesson.  We all try to help each other out and manage as best we can, its not an exact science, just organized chaos- we survive. 

 It really is simple, low-key and fun.  I encourage anyone that has a group of moms with young kids- at any age- to get together and learn something together! I know it takes alittle more effort then get togethers at the park, but it is so worth it!  Its been a fun bonding experience for both the kids and the moms, plus its a great feeling that you are giving your kids an educational and intentional experience. *Insert a well deserved pat on the back* mommy moment.

We are now in our spring semester and it is going great! Its a lot of fun for the kids, and the moms! I think we all kinda have the hang of it, figured out what works well for our group, figured out the attention spans of the kids and are really starting to hit our stride with confidence. All enjoy getting together, getting out of the house, breaking up the week and learning something fun and exciting!  We will reevaluate for the next year how we will do it or if we can do it all, since family dynamics change all the time (Gigi is the oldest so she will actually be in Kinder in the fall), but for now we are all super excited that this has worked out as well as it has!

Here are the cute little students that we have:  Gigi (4), Michael (4), Sammy (3), Jonny (3) (siblings in tow are Charlie (4months), Gabriel (2), William (2) and Noah(2)) 


  1. Such a great breakdown of what we have been doing! So FUN all around!

  2. This is so adorable!!! I love your blog Cass!! Great job :) xoxo

  3. congrats to you Mommies that pulled this together!! Awesome!


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