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Homeschool // Pre-school // Food Group: Grains

Friday, May 30, 2014

"Grains" was my lesson for the month of March. We were covering the different food groups and this is the one I got.  At first I was like, wait what?! Its a bland topic, just like the food ;), but after thinking about it I am really happy how the lesson came about.  I started with an explanation of how we get grains- from seed to bread in a short picture video clip I found on a great website called the I got all my resources from their website.  I used the following flash cards to break down the process:

and then I had the kids tape them on my easel board I use for lessons so that it got them interactive.

Next we watched a video from the about how bread is made in the factory. After that I used the following flash cards in order that they may visually see all the foods that they eat that are made with- GRAINS:

I had the kids one by one tell me what each one was.  
I summed up the lesson with a fun reading of the book, "If you give a Pig a Pancake"
Lastly, we always have a "hands on" activity and today I planned we should make nothing other than Pancakes! 

 So we measured what I told them was "flour" (which comes from grains) ;) (really it was pancake mix, I am not Martha Stewart here)
 and then we proceeded to measure out the milk, whisk, and add the egg at the end.  I took them up to the griddle and they got to scoop out the mixture and make their very own pancake.  

**This also lends itself to a good lesson in measurement, estimation and even math. 

We had a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed the lesson...and the pancakes! Lets be honest, their favorite part was the pancake, but hey I can dream right?!  


  1. ha! "I am not Martha Stewart here." Great lesson, Cass!

    1. haha Gretch I am glad you appreciate my honesty! xo

  2. I love this lesson, I'm going to have to do this over the summer with my little man!

    1. Thanks so much Krista! Let me know how it goes when you teach it!

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