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Preschool // Mailman //Valentines Day Lesson

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For the month of February my lesson fell during the week of Valentines Day. This Mont our theme is "Community Helpers", so this week I focused in on the Mailman.

I started with explaining mail: how it works, what it looks like and introducing the role of the mailman.  I then went it into valentines day discussing how we send/mail valentines to our loved ones and the mailman is the one that delivers them.  We talked about how we show love and the importance of being kind to one another.

Time for our activity!  We made "mailboxes" for our valentines.  I got the idea and directions on how to make them Here (except we sewed the plates together instead of staple) After teaching them how to "Sew" it together, they were able to decorate it! Next we all wrote each friend a letter (with moms help), using kind words and sharing one thing we like about our favorite was what Gigi said about Michael, "I love his smile", so sweet.  They put them in an envelope, addressed it to their friend, and put a stamp on it (a square shaped sticker).


We put all of them in our mailbox at our house. I had them all sit in a chair with their mailboxes on the back of them.  I was the "mailman" and delivered the letters in their mailboxes.  They also got to take turns being the "mailman" and delivered their valentines (which they brought to school) in each others mailboxes.


Then the fun part....opening our Mail and Valentines! This was a super fun day!

Oh, and Gigi still has her mailbox on her door knob.


  1. What a fun project!! I can see this being adapted to all kinds of days, like birthdays.

  2. Who doesn't love getting mail!!! I'm a big fan personally. All kids really do love this leave.. at least that is what I noticed when I was teaching preschool (I quit 5 years ago when we adopted our little girl to give more time to her - though in hindsight think she would have LOVED being with all the kids - as it was an in-home school)... anyway.. loved your blog post and your ideas!!

    1. Getting mail is best, right?! Thanks for coming on by!


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