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Vintage Alphabet Baby Shower

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I was able to host a shower for my good friend, Sarah, for her second boy (oh my gosh already 2 years back now!)!  I love vintage books and Sarah is a teacher, so the theme evolved out of those two interests.  I love a good vintage feel to pretty much anything so it was exciting to go for it!

Here is the tablescape (it's missing some of the food that was still arriving....don't worry guests were well fed!).  I bought the ABCs at Michaels and wrapped yarn around them to add a little color.  The color scheme was orange, yellow and teal.  That is our guest of honor up there too on the far left!  The party was a low-key small dessert party that was held in the evening (so please forgive the lighting in all the pics).  It's nice having a smaller shower for the second kiddo and really focus in on celebrating the life of the little one and uplifting the momma.  There were so many fun little projects that went into hosting this party, here are some of them...

The backdrop you see hanging behind the table from my curtains is two things...1. Foam alphabet bunting: It's actually an alphabet puzzle (Thrift find!) I strung together with yarn and the inside of the letters I used as part of the favor decor (see picture right under)'s so fun to use ALL of something! 2. Lights: I put plastic Dixie cups over each light on a string of Christmas lights and glued paper over the cups to incorporate the colors of the theme. Ok, seriously, this was an awesome worth while project for any party, because its easy, adds such a great detail, and the lights add such a  fun glow to an evening event! Highly recommend it! My inspiration was found here This shower this was featured on, so check it out here and scroll all the way down!

The Favors were little sprout-ling brown cups with a card that said, "F is for Flower" and attached to it were flower seeds to plant.  Easy Peasy. Again, I used the alphabet letters from the puzzle I made into bunting for cutesy decoration on the outside of the cup to give it that extra wow factor. ;)

For accents around the house I incorporated a picture of the cute preggie momma and vintage books everywhere!  The book from the pictures above is an old encyclopedia book for the letter 'A' my school at the time was getting rid of the whole set so I scooped them up!

For serving our desserts I found some great alphabet puzzles and put glass over them so they served double for being cute and two for being practical...they were serving plates! I had a fabulous old crate that I lined with tin foil and used it to serve our cold beverages.  Also, I scored a really neat vintage tackle box from a  garage sale that I used for coffee and tea condiments (i.e. sugar, cream, honey etc.). All the while still displaying vintage books throughout...I even framed a few pages from those books, because the illustrations were really cute!

For our "Activity" during the shower (our little group of friends is slightly anti-shower games....shhh dont tell anyone) we did a craft, people were more into it and the preggie momma gets to walk away with win! I did research as usual on pinterest and stumbled on this idea....making your own personalized baby blocks.  Each person did one...they picked out a fun scrapbook paper, added a letter sticker on top if desired, a dabble of Mod Podge and blocks!  I am sorry I do not have a personal tutorial for this, since this party took place BB- before blog....but the inspiration and helpful tips can be found here..

I hope you enjoyed being a part of this shower as much as I had hosting it!


  1. So fun! It was a great celebration of Will Will! The boys were actually playing with those blocks and the hanging puzzle pieces THIS morning! Still going strong 2 years later!

  2. Sarah, no way! they still play with that stuff?! That is so great! I am so happy we were able to shower you with love and support for the coming of Will Will...its so fun as a 2 year old now to see his little personality come alive!

  3. This is such a creative shower theme! I love the decor!


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