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Kent Heartstrings...Hello New Design!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Well HELLO friends! Welcome to my brand spanking new Blog...isn't she pretty?!! I could not be more proud of it! Jana Tolman, from Life Could Be A Dream, did all of this crazy work! She made my dream of  a relaxed, whimsy, little beachy vibe come true! She works wonders folks! Oh, and let me tell you how incredible she is to work with....S he has a fabulous way of getting into your head and really understanding what you want- using tools like pinterest to gleam inspiration and a general gist of what you want. She answered all the bazillion emails I dished out, which were loaded with questions and accomplished all this work in a very short time frame....all I can say is she the best! If you are ever in need of any design help please check her out and see what packages she has to offer that work best for you,  it will be the best investment me! Thank You Jana!

So Let me show you around a bit.....

Navigation Bar :: All the usual suspects up there. I have included a DISCLOSURE in big hopes that one day I can make money with this blog...dreaming big here people! So I put that up there for me as motivation to keep on keepin on =).  Please check out the KREATIVE tab, it is not new, but its my favorite because it represents the little side business I run and it truly comes from my heart- a love for creating and a love to love on people! The sponsor tab is coming soon too, dreamin' big again here! Please CONTACT me anytime...even just to say hi, I would love it! Oh, and if you happen to not know anything ABOUT me or my squishy little family, hop on over and stalk read away...we all do it ;)

Categories::  I hope these are helpful in guiding you to find a post you may want to read depending more on topic.  I have all my main topics and things I love writing about right here! 

Popular Posts :: These are the heavy hitters on the blog thus far and will fluctuate depending on how many page hits it gets. Get to browsin'!

Sponsors :: The beloved ladies I enjoy following and are so good to me!

Blog Button :: She is also new and shiny, you like? Go for it, take me with you =)

Archives :: Another way for you to meander around the site
Thanks for taking a tour around my space! All of you are so fantastic, I am enjoying this fun journey so much and am so thankful for all of you that are on it with me! Lets keep having some fun, yes?!

(Family pictures taken by the talented Katie Beverley)


  1. Thanks for your sweet words, friend! I'm so glad you love your design. You were so awesome to work with! :)

  2. Absolutely love the new look! So clean and fresh. And those family pictures are just precious!! I just want to smoosh his little cheeks!!

  3. This looks so good and so YOU!! Congratulations sweet Cassie :)



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