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3 DIY Shoe Makeovers

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One shoe...Three different ways of making it yours and truly unique. All you need to start is a white canvas shoe, this one was found at Kmart, but there are many other places you can find a perfect shoe for this project. Have fun!

1. Homre Ombre...


  • Watercolors
  • 2 paintbrushes
  • water
  • shoes

Step 1: Moisten your entire shoe with water using a clean paintbrush.

Step 2: Choose your color from your watercolor paints and start at the toe of the shoe, using a different paintbrush

Step 3: Really saturate the toe of the shoe with paint. Be generous. I went about half way up the toe and stopped

Step 4: Take your clean water brush, dip it in water place it at the toe of the shoe and "pull" the paint towards the back of the shoe. Repeat this process until shoe is covered. I wanted the emphasis on the Ombre to be noticeable only at the toe of the shoe, so most of the shoe is one color, but if you wanted the entire shoe to really have the ombre effect keep adding water and diluting the paint

to adjust the color of your shoe or if you did not put enough paint on the toe of your shoes to really stretch out over the whole shoe, make a diluted solution on the side and add that to your shoe, followed by the water paintbrush to smooth it out

Done. Perfection. 

This is a really easy project. Highly recommend and the result is gorgeous!

2. Stella Stencil


  • desired stencil design
  • acrylic paint
  • textile medium fabric solution
  • sponge brush
  • small brush
  • towel
  • shoes

Step 1: Start with the acrylic paint color of your choice and mix it with the textile medium. 
Half paint/Half Medium. Mix. Done.

Step 2: Stuff your shoes with a towel in order to help the shoe be firm for your stenciling

Step 3: Affix the stencil to the desired area of your shoe, you can use tape, but I found if you have a friend around to hold it for you, that is best.

Step 4: Take your sponge brush dip in paint and go for it. The technique I recommend is dabbing at the design instead of actually brushing.

Step 5: Go over any noticeable imperfections with a small brush and fix them up

There she is. beauty. 

The stenciling was a but harder and it really helps to have another set of hands to help you.  If you look close you can notice some imperfections and unevenness so perfectionists....beware!

3. Polka-Dot Princess

  • Paint Pens (make sure they can be use on fabric, you dont want the ones that will bleed!)
  • Shoes

Step 1: Choose your color paint pen and polka-dot away. I decided to make a lot and vary them in size. I also just free-handed them, but it would also look nice if you were to use a stencil

Step 2: REPEAT

This project was by FAR the easiest in supply needs and in effort. I was thinking this would be a super fun project for young girls....or 30 year olds ;)

Finished products one more time....

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  1. wow- what a transformation! they look store bought

  2. Thank you for sharing these at Project Inspire{d}! You're on my list (again this week) for a feature. Woot ~ I hope you'll join tonight's party. Have a lovely week.

  3. Love the shoe makeover. I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams, starts on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.

    1. Thanks for the invite, I would love to join you!

  4. Very cute! Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream's City of Links last Friday! I loved this post so much that I chose it to be featured for this weeks party. :) Go grab a button you deserve it!

  5. These are so cool! One of my favorites had a bird stencil on it. I had a question, do you have to mix the paint with a "medium"? If I use just paint for the stencil will it be okay? Also is there a spring that I can spray on it to protect the paint/water "proof" the shoes?

  6. I meant to say a waterproof/water resisting spray for fabrics...

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