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Patriotic Ombre Shoes // DIY

Friday, July 4, 2014

In case you missed this project feature of Cassie's Craft Corner over at A Mama it is to celebrate this glorious day. Gigi thought I was kidding when I told her it was America's birthday...Happy Birthday everyone!

For a fun 4th of July project for Gigi we tackled this really fun and super easy project! I am so proud to say Gigi is MY girl....meaning she LOVES shoes! So this was a perfect thing for both of us to do! 
Lets get started....

Supplies you will need:
White canvas shoes
2 Paint brushes
water cups
watercolor paints
scotch guard

I found a pair of  white canvas shoes at Walmart for only 5 bucks!
First step is to saturate the shoes in water with a clean paintbrush

Choose your desired color for your shoe and start painting with a different paintbrush,
you want to toe of the shoe to be nice and thick with paint
Do not worry about the rubber of the shoe, the paint wipes off easily without staining

Take your water paintbrush, dip it in water. 
Start at the toe and basically "pull" the paint back from the toe to the back of the shoe
if you need more paint just go back to the toe of the shoe and then brush where you need it
If you want you can also make a diluted paint color to dip into, but I found that as long as you really coated the toe with a good amount of paint, that is all you will need!

Repeat for other shoe

*Poof* done. I added polka dots to the blue shoe for the "stars" of the flag.
Let them dry a full day and I would recommend spraying them with scotch guard for protection and I also do not recommend wearing these shoes in a rainstorm =)


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  1. So cute! If I had a daughter I would have made these for her. Maybe one day....


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