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4 Fun Girl Birthday Party Themes // #1- Little Birdie Party

Friday, July 11, 2014

 In order to catch you up on our first born's life (Gigi), I will be covering her last 4 birthday parties in+ the "4 Fun Girl Birthday Party Themes" series.  I will post one a week in the month of July in anticipation for Gigi's 5th birthday, which is in stay tuned for more kid party fun.....

I love throwing a good party.  I think for months about all the little details in a party I am throwing, especially when its for my own child.  I love to create a magical, hopefully memorable experience...even if she doesn't remember now, she will see pictures from the party, and say, "wow, Mom you really out did yourself and hosted a fabulous party!"...right?!!! Well regardless, I love it, so I do it...and do it BIG! 

Stop #1 in the girl party themed series- Gigi's first birthday....

 I was and still am obsessed with birds, and so the theme was all about little birdies.  Colors were bright pinks and a lime green. There was cupcakes and lots of great sweets for the guests. We hosted drinks and everyone brought a snack to share in order to help keep costs down, because Wow, for her first birthday I think we had around 50 people there...sheesh...she is well loved what can I say.  

The Cake!!! The EPIC part of any 1st year olds birthday party....the first time they experience the rush of sugar in their blood stream!  I am not a cook or a baker, but I wanted a fabulous cake, so my friend Morgan (from made this super cute cake....look at those adorable fondant flowers! She even found letter candles and spelled out her name on top...I swooned. Its fabulous, right?!  If you want a great tutorial on how to make your own fabulous cake...even a wedding Morgan did, check out her post on it Here.  I think we can safely say, Geeg, was a big fan, I mean look at that last picture...."I like this stuff mommy!"

There was so many goodies to showcase for the party...seriously, look at those strawberries! I loved making a whimsy little dessert corner display. My mother-in-law made th cute noddle bird nests for a potato salad snack, recipe on how to make them is Here.  Opening presents took forever, everyone was so generous and Gigi is of course wanted to play with her gifts other then opening the next one.

Here are some shots of our backyard, especially our "gazebo" (green house turned into entertaining space).  Some details in my decor were spray painted branches in the theme colors, bird houses, bird cages, displaying pictures of Gigi, freshly potted flowers and lots and lots of birds.  For the take home favors I made bird feeders out of stale bagels and peanut butter you can find the tutorial Here. Super easy and super cute...encouraging people as they left to feed the birds!  It was a wonderfully exhausting day, the best kind of tired...happy and content at the end of the day. I am very happy how to all came together, it was a special day.

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