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Hosting an elegant outdoor party // Mom and Dad's Anniversary Celebration

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

As all of you know by now, I LOVE hosting a party. Ever since we moved into the house, the backyard has always been the crown jewel of our property. I have been dreaming of hosting an elegant, romantic, glowing dinner party in our make shift gazebo.  I finally seized the opportunity this summer, because I have also been really wanting honor my parents on their anniversary.  I feel like it slips through the cracks all the time and sheesh, am I every grateful for the marriage, now I think more then ever.  I wanted to do it up BIG.  So, we surprised them and threw them a dinner party, completely catered to them...what they love, memories we have created and places we like to go and it included people they love! Us kids (my brother and I), our spouses and the grandkiddies were the "help" for the night, serving, honoring and making sure everyone was having a wonderful night. It felt good to serve the ones that loved us first...  

Here is all the fun details of the night.

Gourmet S'More Bar.  All the S'more concoctions had names that had to do with our annual family River Trip we take every year. It was a yummy way of remembering so many fun times.
Cornhole and Cocktails- my dad's favorite combo....specifically a with a rum and coke.
The festive bunch.

The dance floor was illuminated by a ton of tea light candles rimmed around it.  Grace, my sister-in-law provided the music with her own songs (which we all love and cannot get enough of!)
The Love Birds.
All the kids and kids-in-law took a turn to say a few words to honor the happy mom cried...the entire time, which surprised nobody
Then it was off to roasting s'mores!
We even had grand kid entertainment, they sang a few songs they both knew, one being the ABC' was very romantic. 
I hope you enjoyed a walk in my backyard.  
Now go and enjoy hosting in the great outdoors in the last few days of summer we have left!

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  1. Stopping over from the FB group :-) Such a beautiful looking party! I'm pinning this for sure!

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