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4 Fun Girl Birthday Party Themes // Pirate and Princess Party // Gigi's 4th Birthday

Friday, August 1, 2014

Stop #4 and now up to date brings us to Gigi's 4th birthday party. My cute nephew has his birthday a week and half before Gigi's so I was excited this year to combine their big days into one epic party...and one really fun theme....Princess and Pirate party! Enjoy the craziness.

The two goof balls.

Our friends surprised Gigi and dressed up for the themed birthday party...SO awesome! G absolutely loved it!
For lunch my friend Kevin owns and runs a Pizza food truck business. Take on old fashion firetruck, throw a wood burning oven in the back and then you would have Dang Brother Pizza! Ridiculously good and the kids had a TON of fun making their own personal the presence of the firetruck was an added bonus!
Even little Charlie made it to the party.....6 months in uetero right looks like I ate too much pizza

My sister-in-law is 7 months pregnant...with TWINS in this picture! She totally rocked it like no other! Doesn't she look amazing?!
 Just so happened to be matching with my girl. Love it when that happens. Happy 4th birthday sweet girl....I cannot believe you are turning 5 in a little more then a week! Where does the time go?!
Get ready everyone for a FROZEN themed party will be coming your way soon. oh boy. here we go!

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  1. Oh. my. gosh. I want to come to your parties! This is fantastic! :) You're an awesome (and CREATIVE) Mama!!


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