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Frozen Party // Gigi's 5th Birthday Party

Friday, August 15, 2014

Our baby girl, Gigi, turned 5 this past weekend and it is of no surprise she requested a FROZEN themed birthday party. It was so fun for me to really dive into the details, I hope you enjoy.

Birthday Princess Elsa

The Amazing Arendelle Castle was painted by Gigi's grandma who was visiting from Florida and as you can see is an incredible artist....I put her right to work...she made the personalized sign with Gigi's name too!  I made the "Let it Go sign"...I love it so much I might just sneak it into our room. shh don't tell Mike. The tassel garland is actually made form crepe paper (streamers) so it was really quick and easy, check out how here.

I seriously could not come up with anything cute or witty for Anna, Mike came up with it and we stuck to it. Label Printables can be found here

Gigi's "Thank You" favors were the build a snowman baggies.... she passed them out at the end and the kids loved them! Printable can be found here.

Yooohooo Big Summer Blowout!!!! Well Gigi wanted a FROZEN party, but her birthday is in August...So  a "frozen" water park it is....some people are worth melting for ;)

The WATER BLOB. Best thing about the day, hands down! I will have a tutorial up soon on how to make one, but its just a normal piece of plastic+water. It did eventually spring a leak, but it only added to the fun, the water didn't gush out like I thought it would, it just would splash out with the movement...the important thing is that is lasted the whole party...holes and all!

I added glitter and foam cut outs inside the blob for fun and interest
Frozen Toys! Elsa magically froze toys for all the kids at the party....hmmm I wonder how that happened?! ;) I bought some small toys at the 99 cent store (planes for boys, small tiaras for girls) and froze enough for one per child. They had to get it out anyway they could....hitting it with a hammer, throwing it on the ground, letting it melt on the hot concrete, they kids really had a fun time figuring it out and discovering the happy surprise inside...just for them!

Sponge Bombs and Shower Element. The shower element (liter bottle+hose+special attachment) at the party was also a lot of fun for the kids, they were able to get really wet and splash each other!
The Cake. The anticipation is finally over. You got your magical cake Gigi!

HUGE thank you to my friend, Stephanie, for making this incredible cake! I do not know why, but I always panic when it comes to making the is the one thing I ask any generous friend to do for me! is the one thing I am nervous about doing, and the one thing that is SO important to Gigi (and most kids, needing a sugar rush!)

Daddy to the rescue of a Pinata that could not be broken.....or I just ran out of patience! 

Happy Birthday Gigi, sweet girl, it was such a wonderful day! We love you so much!

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  1. Oh, WOW! Those favors and decorations are amazing!

  2. I am no more a kid but I honestly had so much fun when I decided to have a mini party of this theme with my sis and cousins. I just can't imagine how kids would go crazy to have such one too! I was searching for my Frozen Birthday Party ideas to add to my collection. I am thankful to come across this post. :)
    God bless!

  3. You did a remarkably job, Cassie! Wow! Sharing this, pinning this, and stalking this for this winter. I have a feeling (mommy intuition, maybe?) that the little one will be requesting a Frozen party for her birthday this year.

    Again, you hit it out of the park! Thanks for sharing this week at Thank Goodness It's Thursday. I'm just back from vacation and I get to catch up on all of these wonderful posts! :)

  4. I love this party!! It's my favorite link from last week's TGIT! Thanks for linking up to Thank Goodness It's Thursday!!

  5. This party is adorable! Love that water blob! All of the smiles say that a fun time was had by ALL. Please come over and share with our readers at the Home Matters Linky party. Here is the link:

  6. May your day shine brightly like your check it out
    smile, with the warmth of your heart, & a day that reflects as wonderful as you are. Happy Birthday.

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