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Having a Ball since 1934: Grandma's 80th Birthday Party

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This lovely woman has been on this earth for 80 years and gosh darn it that should be celebrated! My Grandma is an extrodinary person that has a heart I think as big as the ocean, loves everyone she meets profoundly and is not afraid to speak about Jesus any chance she gets. I am happy I was able to think up the small details of her big day that hopefully made a big impact.  Hope you have ball...

beach balls for decor and for all the kids to play with!

Gumballs as a  little "thank you" favor for people to take as much as they wanted! String mini beach balls to make a garland. Served my grandma's favorite drink, a Manhattan and also Margaritas in mason jar drink dispensers to keep up with the "ball" mason jar theme.

So Happy to have my friend Kevin's business, Dang Brother Pizza, cater this event! We had 80 people crammed in my mom's backyard! 80 people for 80 years, I thought that was pretty profound!

To light up 80 candles on a cake would be a little crazy, but we wanted to create a real visual of the 80 years of life my Grams has celebrated. SO I made these birthday candles/protectors and distributed them to every guest at the party, right before we sung happy birthday (have to give props to the hubby for this idea, it was completely his, when he has a good idea, its a grand one!).  They were all lite, and I was able to squeeze in a few words of how Grandmas is a light in so many people's lives. These candles only represent a fraction of people she has touched. We sang Happy Birthday....and.....

 She had to blow out all the candles ;) I think she was touched, it was a really cool sight. 

The moment the kids were waiting for, "Happy Birthday" and cupcakes! These ones were lovingly 
decorated by the great grandkids!

Love you so much Grams! Looking to many more years of having a Ball with you! xoxo


  1. I love this theme, it is great celebrating fun things.

  2. Her birthday party is rocking and mind blowing. The decoration by his friends is also very cute and innovative. Every single member of her family participate freely to make her day special.

  3. This girl is so lucky that her family members and friends love her so much. This is big event for her.

  4. I also enjoy and celebrate my birthday party with some of my close friends and family member.


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