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Repurposed. Jars.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Friday!

Jars. I have a bazillion of them. I have a complex or something, because I cannot get myself to throw away any glass jars.  I hoard them in my garage.  In order to lessen the piles upon piles I try and use them for any storage solutions that I can think of- food, art supplies, toiletries, gifts…anything. They are so easy to repurpose because all you need to do is give the lid a quick spray of paint and maybe even add some washi tape, and poof you have given it new life.  Here is another way I utilize jars in my home....

Happy Repurposing!


  1. I always have such great intentions on repurposing jars, but I still haven't figured out how to easily take off the label! Any tips?

    1. Yes! Run through the dishwasher, that will loosen/eliminate most of the label. For the remaining part, tackle it with goo gone and a razor blade! Happy repurposing!

  2. Love this. I suddenly need more jars in my life.

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