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Four Arbonne Products Favs

Monday, November 10, 2014

I have only recently been introduced to the amazingness of Arbonne, Wow. Their Products are truly fabulous and of great quality, every time I try something different- whether cosmetic, skincare or health related, I am overly impressed with the quality of the product and of course its affects!  Here is a little snippet about them that I like and appreciate...
"From botanically based ingredients to forward-looking green improvements, being earth friendly has everything to do with who we are and how we choose to grow. More than just grounded in green values, we are putting them into action. We're taking "pure, safe and beneficial" to the next level through our efforts to match the purity of our ingredients with the earth friendliness of our packaging. So what's good on the inside is also good on the outside."

My sister-on-law, Grace, is a consultant for Arbonne and so I have seen at a more intimate level the impact this company has made to our immediate family. Upon finding out that my brother, a full time youth minister, and sister-in-law, already raising a 2 year,  were expecting twins my lovely sister-in-law knew she had to do what she had to do to make ends meet. Arbonne was a fantastic fit for her and their family. She is able to stay at home with the kids and make enough money to pay the! I am so very grateful that a company with such a amazing quality of products also is so family focused and treats their consultants so well! are some tried and tested products, I personally have grown to LOVE!

This product at first I thought was unnecessary, but after getting it as a gift, Mike and I thought, well, lets put this bad boy to work. We now purposely try to give each other back, hand or foot massages more often, a simple way to help your spouse "unwind", realx and serve them.  A concern of mine with oils is that, they are oils and therefore oily. This oil magically is not oily and does not make marks on clothing or feel overly gross and slimy, thank goodness. Best part though is the smell, oh man, its perfection.  Perfect gift for a couple for any holiday- Christmas, Anniversary, Valentines Day. 

I am not sure exactly what category this falls under- foundation, moisturizer, tinted moisturizer, lotion from the gods. I am not a big makeup person, but my complexion with my fair skin and freckles needs a little boost in the morning, and this is a miracle worker.  I love the way my skin soaks in all the goodness and also how my complexion looks after, plus you just a apply it on your face like moisturizer so its super easy and quick.

I love the thought of applying something to my body and it makes me more beautiful as I sleep. Yep. Night Creme. I have not been a night creme'r until now, and I am not going back. It just feels good to put it on every night, my skin does a happy dance.

Hands Down. My all time Fav! I can get vitamins that are good for my body and get a boost in energy. Hello! Happy Momma! It is unfortunate that caffine and me do not mix, I can only make it through about 1/2 a cup of coffee (because I love it) before I have to stop. The affects of caffeine makes me jittery and my heart race, which is no bueno. So I was very...very skeptical when these came my way, but I gave them a go. Game Changer. I didn't even know it at first, because it was such a gentle transition, but I perked up, felt energetic, happy and just alert after taking one.  As a mom of two, one being under one, sleep and I do not happen as often as I need, and well, life doesn't stop so you can take a nap. These fizz sticks are just what I need when the dreaded 3-4 afternoon hour comes around, and they work. Every. Single. Time. I am seriously in love, this is all I want Santa to put in my stocking this Christmas ;)

 My Daily Fizz Stick Routine

Pour. Fizz. Stir. Sip

Happy. Alert. Awake. Momma. Thank You Arbonne!


  1. RE9 Advanced Extra Moisture Restorative Day Creme Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen is what I'd like to try.

  2. Ah my mother is a consultant! I have this amazing lemongrass scrub and some of the RE9 day moisturizer. It's so light!

  3. I could definitely gift massage oil to my sister-in-law. She'd love it :)

  4. I would want to try the Pure Vibrance products :)

  5. I would love to try the cc cream!


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