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Leather Statement Necklace // Chevron

Monday, November 24, 2014

This one is my favorite. Gosh, but really is hard to decide though between all four! This is the third tutorial out of the four I am covering. Hope you enjoy it


Step 1: Cut out a rectangle of leather

Step 2: Use this template to trace the shapes you need for the necklaces

Step 3: Cut out the Chevron shapes

Step 4: Use a push pin to make holes for your jump rings

Step 5: Insert jump ring into hole ** tip: insery jump ring right after you puncture hole, because the leather will close up the hole quickly if it just sits

Step 6: After all your jump rings are in, close them up with pliers

Step 7: Leave the top jump rings open for necklace chain **tip: when making holes make sure your designated bottom chevron only has one set of holes on the top, not the bottom

Step 8: Insert ends of chain into top jump rings and close up

All Done!!

How to Style the Chevron:

Leggings- Target // Shirt- Roxy // Chambray Top- Thrift // Bracelet- Present (from India!)

Well, we have covered 3 of the 4 necklaces in this series so far, if you missed them here they are:

Tassel Necklace
Fringe Necklace

Stay tuned for the last tutorial on how to make the Feather Leather necklace!

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  1. Now that is my kind of project - easy and super cute!!!


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