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Leather Statement Necklace // Fringe

Friday, November 21, 2014

Excited to bring you this fun tutorial on how to make this cool Fringe Necklace!  It is the 2nd necklace in my 4 leather necklace series! Lets get to it, shall we?!


Step 1: Cut two squared of leather in different colors

Step 2: Use this template to trace the shapes you need for the necklaces

Step 3: Cut out the shapes

Step 4: Put glue on the short triangle end

Step 5:  Fold flap over chain and let dry

Step 6: Take your scissors and cut the long triangle side to make your fringe

Step 7: Cut all the way across

Step 8: Put glue on small triangle in the other color leather

Step 9: Place triangle on the Fringe piece of leather

Step 10: Take the jump ring and open it, put the ends of your chain in it and close up

Step 11: Rotate the chain so that the closure jump ring is out of the way in the leather pocket of your Fringe necklace

All Done! She is a beaut!

How to Style The Fringe Necklace:

Jeans- Madewell // Shirt- J.Crew // Jacket- Banana Republic // Hat- Volcom // Shoes- Thirft

Two necklaces down...two to go! If you missed the tutorial on how to make the Tassel Necklace, check it out here! Next necklace is the leather Chevron...stay tuned!

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