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Textin' with Pops

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My grandparents are not normal. They are Hip and "With It". They are computer, i-Phone, i-Pad tech savvy sons of guns, and frankly really impress me.  They are on Facebook, Instagram and are regular Kent Heartstrings Blog followers (Hi Grams and Pops!) However it gets a little crazy sometimes and I want to share with you a little glimpse of those moments where I pretty much pee myself with laughter, because my G-parents can be so darn funny....unintentionally of course.  

Today I want to share a text from Gramps. *Please note- my gramps (and grams) use Siri to text to people, so she is interpreting what he is saying and texting it out- my gramps never proof reads before pressing send* Enjoy.
Context: We are trying to figure out lunch plans and we decided to go to a local mexican taco shop (Nicos) and needed their food order.......

Third time is the charm I guess, but they got it!  You did great Gramps and Grams and Love you too! I think my favorite part is my Gramps saying that it is just "the way grandma speaks" bahahahaha......It is just too good.


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