Friday, June 20, 2014

Succulent Terrarium // DIY

I am slightly succulent obsessed.  This is one of the many projects I have going on right now that deal with succulents.  The reason why I love them so much is you don't need a green thumb (phew! the pressure is off!) they are very hard to kill and need very little work.  Which is good for me, because I seem to kill anything that grows! This is an easy-peasy project for you to make a low-maintenance garden for your home.

1. Glass vessel of any shape or size
2. rocks/gravel
3. Activated Charcoal (found at your local pet store- this helps prevent mold and bacteria from building up)
4. Moss (optional)
5. Potting Soil
6. Succulents
7. Decorative touches- a fun top layer (I used a sparkly broken glass looking stuff intended for a vase filler to add a fun glittery effect on mine) you can also add more rocks, wood, seashells, miniature figurines...whatever you fancy, and all entirely optional 

Putting it all together:

In your glass vessel of choice do the following steps:

1. Add gravel/rocks about 1 inch thick or more depending on your preference
2. Add a thin layer of activated charcoal 
3. Add moss (optional) I wanted it more for looks, but it also helps keep the moisture in
4. Add soil 1-2 inch thick 
5. Add succulents (I used trimmings from my yard, so I didn't even have to purchase new .99 baby!)
6. Add all the decorative touches you want...or not

Terrarium Maintenance: 
Just an occasion spritzing of water once a week and put in a place in your home that gets good indirect sunlight

Enjoy your little (practically no maintenance) garden!  

Fingers crossed I wont kill this one! ;)

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  1. Found this on IG! If you won't kill it, I won't! Can't wait to try it. Pinned! :)

    1. Haha Christina, there is hope for us! Thanks for pinning ;)

  2. I think Cristina and I were separated at birth - except she's way cooler :))) Speaking of cool... I LOVE this idea - that one is beautiful can you just send me yours (aka I'm a lazy crafter). Thanks Cassie - I totally want to try it, I'll be sure to post if I do. fyi... also pinned!!

    1. hahaha...oh I hope you do it, can't wait to see yours! thanks for pinning!

  3. Okay... I just need some charcoal and I'm set to make one of these cool terrariums! Thanks so much for sharing at Show-Licious Craft & Recipe Party!
    ~ Ashley

  4. Thank you for posting about this, I have been wanting to try this but haven't really known where to start!

  5. This is beautiful! Terrariums are the best!


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