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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pretty pumped to be Co-Hosting "Currently" with A Mama Collective....I want to recap my entire last week, which was at CAMP in this currently post..I hope you enjoy it...

Thinking About... 25 years of Camp Powell.  My parents have been the directors of this camp for 24 of those years, its been something that has been a part of my life for all those 25 years. A huge part.

It is amazing to me how many experiences can be crammed into just one week out of an entire year.

 I fell in love with Jesus there. I experienced the Holy Spirit for the first time there.  I met, developed and cherished lifetime friendships there. I learned that everything revolves around relationships there.  I learned what it was like to lay down ones life in service for another there. I learned what true love really is and means there. I learned how to be silly, get out of my comfort zone and not care what other people think of me there

I am blessed to have always seen (when I was little) and been (since high school) on the planning and serving side of things for Camp, since the parents were kinda of running the show.  It made things hard sometimes, but I consider it more of a privilege to have the inside scoop of what it takes to pull this week off. Its not easy. It takes a lot of work, time, focus, energy and self-sacrifice to make this thing happen.  I am honored to be counted as one of the many people now that lays down there life for this week and even more to create a life changing week for many others. 

This Camp is special. God works wonders through the sacraments, fun and relationships that happen at camp. Sometimes life altering and enriching. I am very grateful my parents answered the call in their lives to serve in this specific capacity and I am very blessed to be able to serve in the gifts and talents I have to impact others lives.

Watching... My children, but especially my oldest, Gigi LOVING life at Camp. Geez she is getting so big, she can do all the activities now, so she is 100% participating...I can't believe it! It makes me so happy to have her enjoy and love camp as much as I and so many others do.

Listening to...My husband, brother, and friends being silly for the kids at campfire. Its all for the kids folks. Pure entertainment for everyone.

Thankful For... My little family ALL being able to be at Camp.  Mike has not been able to make it to camp since we have been married.  So I was beside myself when we were all able to make it this year.  Since this year was the 25 anniversary of Camp, my parents made a special request to have their whole family there, and I am so happy we were able to make that brother, wife and 3 children came too- all were present and accounted for. It was a very BLESSED week.

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  1. Camp Powell sounds amazing! What a cool thing to have to look back on - you've not only grown there, but now your children are growing there. Beautiful. And probably the most wonderful place to have a mini family reunion.

    1. Trisha, Oh my it IS amazing an it is such a huge blessing to have grown up in such surroundings!

  2. Your camp sounds awesome! Some of my best memories are from the times I spent at camps. It's really a wonderful place to meet and grow with God. So glad you get to experience it with your whole family this year!

    1. isn't any "camp" just a magical time?!! Thanks Lisa

  3. What a fun week! I've dreamed of having us all go to camp together sometime. Looks like a fun week as a family!

  4. love that you are hosting currently, too! i never got to go to camp powell, but i have been hearing about it my entire life and i know how deeply it impacted all of my COTL friends. love that your whole family got to be there this time. beautiful! you are all changing lives!

    1. AMY! I almost feel like you were there.....there is till time, next year?!!

  5. Love the pics! Everyone looks so happy.

  6. Camp is a phenomenal experience and I loved your take on it. Sounds like we share the same passion!


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