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Monday, June 23, 2014

Thinking About... Camp. Today our whole family goes Camp Powell. A Catholic family camp my parents have been in charge of running for 25 years now.  It is a week long, and targeted for elementary school kids, where high school kids are counselors and adults facilitate all the fun activities from hiking and volleyball to crafts and woodworking. I am able to go every year with whatever little ones I have in tow (It will be Charlie's first time) and help make camp go as smoothly as possible.  This year, though, Mike is coming too! I am so darn excited!  Please be praying for us, it is going to be an exhausting but incredibly rewarding week. Here we go!!

Watching... Oh World Cup Soccer is in full force in our household. Little bit of a disappointment on Sunday, but hey at least we are still at it

Listening to... GOALLLLLLLLLLL! 

Thankful For... Friendship. We are very blessed to be surrounded by truly wonderful friends.  Friends that love us, that love Jesus and love having kids ;) It a great great thing to share our lives with others. We are so grateful.  These are some pictures of a 1 st birthday party we went to this weekend, for one of our good friends little one...Happy Birthday sweet Taylor!

What about you? What are you CURRENTLY up to?

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  1. My husband has been so into the World Cup! We don't have cable so he's been having to stream it online when he can. Last night we were on our way back to AL from being in KY all weekend and heard like the last 30 seconds of the game. He was a little bummed about it too.

  2. So wonderful to have good friends to share life with. Have a great week at camp!

  3. I LOVED camp when I was young! I've never been to anything like that with kids in tow, but I'm sure you will make some amazing memories! Have a great time!

  4. What an amazing experience that you get to go with to CAMP. I loved camp as a child and can't wait for my kids to experience it!!

    I am also very blessed with wonderful friends, it is such a gift.

    Have fun at camp!!!

    Stopping by from the link up, I am Becky with Choose Happy :)


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