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DIY // Ottoman Update

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This is not a "Biggie" DIY but its the small things that seem to impact us the most.  Our ottoman is a real vocal point in our living room, its just one of those things you notice, look at and use on a daily basis.  We are lucky to have inherited the bones of the this ottoman from my parents, and I quickly re-upholstered it to match my living room.  After much wear though the top lid part of the ottoman really gets dirty and gross looking, so I redid the the top less then 6 months ago, but the fabric that time around was a little less forgiving of a pattern for showing stains and wear.  So here I am at it again, a little wiser though, and I want to share some of my tips to you.

Here is the Ottoman in our living room:

This is what some of the problems looked like from the wear on the fabric....Yuck!

 So what have I learned now two ottoman redos later....drum roll please.......2 things:

1. Use Outdoor Fabric- it is more resistant to wear and tear, moisture and stains
2. Use Scotch Guard- just for extra measure to really protect the fabric

When upholstering with any round prototype please keep in my mind before stapling...pull the fabric taut and slightly fold it over upon itself (as shown above) before stapling in order to insure the fabric not to bunch up. 

Here is the Living Room after....not a crazy difference, but I can tell for sure...and that makes me happy!

**Oh and if your wondering, Camp is going great. Of course there are glitches here and there and not a lot of sleep, but we are alive and kickin. Keep on praying for us, these kids are having a blast!**

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  1. Glad camp is going well! Ottoman looks great. Love the pattern you chose and great idea using outdoor fabric!!


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