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Fathers Day Craft // 5 Bow Tie Pasta Activites

Friday, June 6, 2014

I am so honored to be a guest contributor over at A Mama Collective, please head on over there for the full post!

My husband LOVES bow ties, seriously LOVES them - any excuse to dress up, he is wearing one! When we found out we were having a boy I don't know if Mike was more excited to see Charlie one day play soccer or wear a bow tie...its close. Please note Charlie bear wearing a very wee bow tie for Easter in the picture at the end...proud daddy moment right there!

So when thinking about what fun fathers day craft and gift Gigi could make for him I turned to...bow tie pasta, duh!
Here is what we did:

I purchased a box of Farfalle for .99 cents at my grocery store.  Gave Gigi paints and a paintbrush and she went to town....ok I might have wiggled my way in a little and add the small details on the bow ties, I couldn't help myself ;)

We wanted some glittery ones too....truth: Gigi wants glitter on everything and some how Charlie got some on his head and it is still there, why is glitter so sticky?!!  
Glue and Glitter to your hearts content.
Then take your bow-tie masterpieces and lets get to the real work.

But wait! There is more! Please click HERE and head over for all 5 bow-tie Pasta activities featured at the
 A Mama Collective!  You won't be disappointed!
Happy Friday!

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  1. Those are the cutest bow tie pastas ever! How creative!

  2. So simple and so creative! What a cute idea! They turned out so cute!

  3. Oh my gosh!! My kids are 11 and 14 and still, we are doing this this week!!
    This is just the activity we need...cute, simple and a great break from the finals and state tests that we need to go through! How awesome! Pinning now and sharing!

    Visiting from the CWB group on FB--so happy I stumbled on your post!
    Thanks for sharing these great ideas...they're so easy and pretty too!


    1. Thanks so much Chris! I hope your kids enjoy the project!....and dad too ;)

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