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Grandma's Wisdom {Volume 2}

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Today I want to share one of our family mottos, which came from non other then- Grandma...well officially her "mum", so this is technically Great Grandma's wisdom, if we are being legit. We have a few family mantra's we try to live by and one of them is,

 Live in the present moment

Ahhhhh *deep breath* lets just take that in......ok thats good...real good stuff isn't it?!!  Grams has taught me that one must really live and be present in the present moment for that is where God's Grace resides. 

We do not live in the past, we do not live in the future- we are present moment people- our body/mind/heart and soul all reside in the present- so thus- that is where we find God. He is Here. God did not say.., "I Was" or  "I will be someday" He is the great "I AM". God is with us in the present. If we truly want to hear Him, embrace Him, love Him, be near Him, we need to place ourselves intentionally in the Present Moment and LIVE there.  

As a women it is only natural for me to find myself fretting about the future and worrying about mistakes from the past...always worrying, always anxious.  But if I just were to BE STILL and be present, I think I would find myself a lot calmer, more peaceful and a lot more joyful.  That is a goal I strive for in my everyday walk and my everyday journey with the Lord.

My Grandma has lived this mantra out for more years then I and one of the things I admire most about her is when you are in her presences you can almost tangibly feel the peace about her.  She is calming, strong and confident- especially when it comes to things that concern faith, Jesus and ministry.  She is a rock. What I have concluded then...other then my Grams being freaking awesome.... is she has mastered the discipline of living in the present...She is: Calm, Peaceful, Confident, Joyful, full of Life, Loving and I believe one cannot be all those things without the Lord (at least I could never be!) cannot be with the Lord unless in the present...with HIM (okay wow, hope you followed my thought process there...sheesh this is getting deep).  Grams, thanks for really kicking butt in life! You are are pretty cool too Pops. Love you!  Go forth peeps and

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  1. Love this so much, Cassie. I am excited for this series. It's so good :) I'm ready to go live -- right now!! ~Jenna


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