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Finding your "Drop Zones" and Organizing them! + Weeks End Link Up

Monday, September 15, 2014

I am so excited to be a part of a Organization based series, sponsored by Sarah over at Joyfully Organized! Please head over to her blog for the full post and more posts by other amazing ladies to help you be inspired to get organized!

We all have them. Drop Zones. Places where clutter congregates. They are places that your everyday necessities tend to end up and are usually placed in places in your home at a central location. So how can we tackle this dilemma? Lets chat about it. 

First lets admit we have a problem.  Before you can help the problem you have to find it. So be aware of where you, your husband or any little members of the family tend to throw their junk.  One of my husband's drop zones is on the kitchen counter. He comes through the door closest to the the kitchen and throws his stuff on the next available surface- the kitchen counter. Phone, keys, sunglasses, chapstick, all that stuff ends up there.

So what is the solution?

Conceding to the drop zone and giving the clutter a home.  Here is what I have done that works...

I found this basket at a garage sale. Its cute and just the right size. Perfect home for the hubbies odds and ends.....there is more! Check out the full post for more handy organization tips HERE
Thanks so much for having me Sarah!

So much happening today on the blog! I also am co-hosting today an incredible weekly link up called, Weeks End, with the amazing Beth, from Oak&Oats! I LOVE her blog and I am so honored to be a part of the fun this week! Please link up any post you love from the past week and do not forget to share the love around!  Hope you all have a great start to your week!


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  1. This is such an amazing idea! I love the concept of putting a bowl or cute basket to catch all of the little things I drop on the counter when I come in from work. I'm also drooling over your large keurig. I have a baby one, but I would love one of the mac daddy ones! Jealous!

    1. Thanks Jenna! I hope its helpful! Oh and Keurigs are incredible, love love love mine!

  2. Great idea! WE have a bowl for our keys too!!

  3. This is great advice Cassie! I have a few drops zones in my apartment that could benefit from something like this. :)

    1. Thanks Jana, I hope this helps your drop zones ;)


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