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Rustic Wood Banner Sign // Fall Decor

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Reclaimed Lumber (17in. piece for this project)
Wood Stain or Paint
Sand Paper
6 Wooden Bunting Flags (Michaels)
Alphabet Stickers in font of your choice
White Spray Paint
Color Spray Paint of your choice
Picture hanging mount

1. Choose the 6 wooden bunting flags you want to use
2. Spray paint them with a base coat of a light color (or dark is your main color is light), do 2 coats depending on how the wood absorbs the paint. DO NOT skip this step you need a base coat of paint, if you leave the wood bare the paint will bleed and the letters will not be legible
3. Take your alphabet stickers and put them on your flags, spelling out the word you want
4. Spray paint them the color you want, this one is Rustoleam Paprika and I spelled out FALL
5. After paint has dried, peel away sticker gently, to expose the base coat color and spell out your word. Choose a thin ribbon to string the flags together and hang up on your backboard
6. Start on the backboard itself, by cutting the wood to the size you want to work with, mine was 17inches long, and I sand papered all the jagged edges adn splinters to make a somewhat smooth surface
7. Stain the board in the color you want, I made a variety of colors- white wash, ebony, and a grey mixture of paint and stain to achieve the look I wanted

8. Drill two holes in the right and left hand corners
9. Take your acrylic drawer knobs and put the screw end through the back of the hole and then twist the knob until secure
10. Hammer the picture mount on the back of the board so that you can hang the board on the wall
11. Tie flag bunting ribbon to the knobs on either side of the board
12. Decide where to put this incredible decor piece up in your house!
This is my "Fall" sign up in action on my shelves! I love it so so much!
(Photo Credit: Katie Beverley)

(Photo Credit: Katie Beverley)

What is SO great about this sign is that it is interchangeable.  Just swap out banners as the seasons change, or as your mood changes. You could paint the back of these flags too, for more bang for your buck.  If you stock piled the wooden flags you can just go to town on however many signs and phrases you want displayed! The base will always be the same, but your banners can change! You can even swap out knobs for more of a variety. Here is another banner I have made for our home:

(Photo Credit: Katie Beverley)

Still celebrating fall all week long, link up your fall related post!


  1. I love this! It looks easy enough to make. I love that it is interchangeable so I could have a new word and color for other holidays or seasons.

    1. Thanks Jenna! It is totally easy! The interchangeable-ness is what has my heart! Hope you have fun with it!

  2. Cassie, I love this piece! It does look easy enough to pull off and I really love how it can change so easily with the seasons. As soon as I saw it I already knew where I wanted to put it in our little home! New mission: find a piece of lumber within reason! PS You have a beautiful home! Husband and I are working on our budget to try and figure out how I can start really decorating our new home. Woohoo!

    1. Thanks so much Amanda! Happy hunting for reclaimed wood! Excited for you and your decorating budget ;) important to making a house a home!

  3. Eek! That is adorable and so is your whole set up on your shelves! :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! I love decorating and FALL is just so fun!

  4. Ack!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Where do you suggest getting reclaimed wood?

  5. I lucked out and was able to find a long piece of wood (from a dresser maybe?) in a parking lot. I carried it in my trunk for a long time, and when our museum hired some contractors, I asked them to cut it in half for me, which they gladly did since it would take all of 5 seconds. My issue actually involves the bunting flags. I'm having a really big issue finding some. I've gone to Michael's and Joann's, and nothing. Any tips???

  6. This is so nifty! The possibilities with this and holiday themes are endless.

    Sarah |

  7. I've definitely gotta make one of these for the spring! Or I guess it's almost summer now, isn't it? How time flies...


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