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Interview with Amanda from HGTV's "Flipping the Block"

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I am SOOO excited to bring you this interview with Amanda from HGTV's "Flipping the Block"!!!! If you have not been following along this fun new show from HGTV, you need to right away! It is such a fun new twist to design reality tv!  Amanda and Curtis are team silver, competing for a $50,000 cash prize, which is given to the team that brings in the most money from a live auction of a condo they renovated...and lived in during the process.  I am very proud to call Amanda my friend, we both went to the same college and lived in the same ladies dorm.  If you are impressed at what she has accomplished on a budget on the show, you should have seen the amazing dorm room transformation Amanda and her sister undertook in their room in college, all without making any holes in the was a mermaid oasis...lets just say your mind would have be blown. So without further ado, I bring you Amanda!!

What was it like being on Flipping the Block?

Flipping the block was one wild & crazy ride! It was tons of hard work, an absolute blast, and the whole experience was surreal-cameras everywhere, network executives running around, dreams coming true! There was blood, a LOT of sweat, and maybe even more tears! We just held on tight and enjoyed the ride.

Who was your favorite HGtv celeb you met and why?

I have been such a huge HGtv fan so to meet some of their most loved hosts was incredible! David Bromstad is a riot! So funny, sweet, and talented! Scott McGillivray is such a nice guy and knows pretty much everything about real estate and construction. We were all floored by his knowledge and  kindness. Nicole Curtis (I LOVE Rehab Addict!) is pretty tough! I really appreciate her input because her style is something I particularity relate to. Josh Temple has brilliant amounts of energy and brought a lot of humor to the set! The best was when he would bring his family to set- so adorable! Notice I couldn't pick a favorite.

How did you survive in those CRAZY conditions and still have energy to renovate your apartment?

Ahhh LOTS of coffee!! It was really tough at times to stay motivated and awake! But we knew we absolutely had to get it done- not having a choice is a great way to get something done! Curtis and I always try to find the humor in everything and laughing together really kept us going! And it might sound dramatic, but I don't know if I've ever prayed harder in my life! It was the perfect way to stay focused and keep this whole thing in perspective.

What inspires your design style?

I'm a California girl with country blood because of my roots and my upbringing. I absolutely love mixing the coast with the country, a beachy feel with rustic touches. Another huge influence on my design style is my saint of a mama! She raised us kids to always find the beauty in everything! She was the original dumpster diver! I just am so grateful that she raised us in a home that always nurtured a creative spirit. She is an artist and that has changed my life.

What are your favorite design trends?

My favorite design trend is that design is a trend! People everywhere have really embraced DIY projects & making their house a home that feels special! I try to pull a lot of timeless elements into design so it doesn't go out of style. It makes me so happy and hopeful that repurposing is a big movement right now! It's always nice to give something a second chance, and old stuff is just the best!

What are three design suggestions you would like to make for our readers?

1. Never underestimate leftover paint. You may have some almost empty gallons of paint sitting around, or some samples laying around from when you painted your bathroom. Put those suckers to work! Paint an old frame, put a new coat on that old dresser, change up the color of that end table! Such a cheap and easy way to update something and add a pop of color! One of my favorite things at the Home Depot? The "oops" paint section! It's a little shelf with mess-up paint colors, or custom colors that have been returned. It's amazing! Paint for really inexpensive in colors you may have never thought of! Sometimes it's a miss, but sometimes it's a hit!

2. Use what you've got! I'm a huge supporter of being resourceful! Those plates and trays you keep for special occasions? Put those puppies out! Fill them with candy or flowers. You should feel special all the time! Every day is a holiday and every meal is a feast, so celebrate! ...But keep the snowman vase for Christmas.

3. Go for it! Most design things (paint, rearranging...) are easily changed! Don't like it? Change it! I think design should be entered with fearlessness!...But if you're going to be removing a wall, have a little more caution.

What is your most helpful tip for ambitious DIYers out there?

Be resourceful with decorating and renovation knowledge! Don't be afraid to ask or do some research! I always try to strike up conversation with people in hardware stores to see where their area of expertise lies and then get their best advice. Like design choices, be bold! Most people are so happy to show off what they know! Heck, it might just be the lady next to you in the grocery store! You never know who you might meet or what you might learn. Be friendly and don't be afraid to ask! Free advice is perfect for a low budget! Before you know it, you just might be an expert.

Thanks so much Amanda! Please follow the silver teams journey by following them on twitter- Amanda // Curtis the hashtag #FlippingtheBlock, the HGTV fan page and check out their facebook page.

 And do not forget to tune in for the big finale this Sunday at 9 ET/PT on HGTV!!! Go team Silver!

((Photos are from HGTV's website or from Amanda herself))


  1. This is so neat! I loooove that show! I like that their style is so adventurous compared to the other contestants.

    1. Isn't the show awesome!?! I love their style too, I am slightly biased, but regardless I love their beachy vibe, I am always a sucker for it!!


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