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Tribal Stick Wall Decor // Kid Friendly DIY

Friday, September 5, 2014

In case you missed this fun project over at A Mama Collective (thanks for having me Jenna!), here it is, hope you like it....and do it!  On your next walk to the park or adventures in your backyard pick up some sticks....and have a little fun....


tape, paint and string and let the imagination sore.

Gigi is now using this decor in her outside space!

I purposely wanted this to have a easy to make and homey feel (and of course make it do-able for Gigi) so I used this bright colored yarn, but If you wanted this to look more streamlined and clean I would encourage you to use fishing line instead of yarn. 


  1. How fun to get Gigi involved in this! So cute and such great results. Love this project!

  2. Veronica loves to collect sticks its hilarious. So this is the perfect project for her!


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