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Preschool // Field Trip- Trolley Ride

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our first field trip with our Preschool Coop, was all the way back to last fall. It was during our Transportation themed month, so we took a Trolley ride to downtown, since this week we were covering trains.  The kids were wide-eyed and super excited for this adventure! 

After getting off the trolley we walked to a park close by for the lesson on Trains.  After reading a story about trains and having a snack that looked like a train (graham cracker, grapes and cheese), Sarah actually got them up and experiencing what its like to be a train, discussing what the conductor does and where he is positioned on the train and where the caboose is....can you tell the kids loved it?! They all took turns on who was the conductor and the caboose. Choo Choo!!

Oh...and we made conductor hats! Sarah was in charge of this lesson and I had to mention it, because it was beyond cute and so well planned! We had such a great day! 

**Extra bonus: a very inexpensive field trip for anyone!

If you want to know how we run our Coop check this out =)


  1. That WAS a super fun day! Love me some co-op!

    1. THE BEST! What a great day this was Sarah, great job! Its getting me all excited for your next planned field trip ;)


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