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The Everyday Board // DIY + Back to School Blog Hop

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gigi, my 5 year old wants to know everything about....EVERYTHING! Questions, questions, questions. all. the.time.  I love her inquisitive nature and her thirst for knowledge, but boy can it be exhausting answering every question she has. So in order to help both of us out and turn her curious mind into actual factual learning we made together an "Everyday Board".  There are 2 important aspects of the everyday she needs and wants to know- Weather and Time, and they are broken down on the board in 5 different ways

1. Weather: What does it look like outside (i.e. foggy, sunny etc.)
2. Weather: What does it feel like outside (hot, cold, freezing etc.)
3: Time: Days of the Week
4. Time: Number days in a month
5. Time: Months of the Year

There are many "moving parts" to the chart in order to encourage them to be interactive and help reinstate what you are learning.

There is weather panels to interchange, clothes pin clips to move around, and days of the month to cross off

Gigi is excited everyday to physically "do something" and apply her learning.

Below the everyday board is above her table and chairs- in order to encourage her to keep learning and creating. She LOVES drawing and coloring, so I made an easy way to store her markers and crayons- 
I pizazzed some jars I already have by painting the lids and adding washi tape.

Gigi is very proud of her learning space in the house.

I printed all the materials at home and laminated them. You can find all the printables I used at the following links:

Days of the week printable HERE

Months of the year printable HERE

Weather printables HERE

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  1. this is great. I try to include my kids in deciding what to wear. And this is a great way for them to understand appropriate attire on their own. No more sundresses in winter. And they can easily see what day of the week it is. I love the patterned material you used.

    1. Emily that is a great idea and teachable moment!

  2. This is so wonderful! My kids would love this! Adorable!

  3. What a colorful and organized way to put everything together! I plan to homeschool/ unschool myself so I love seeing different ways mamas do this in their own homes!

    1. Candace, Gigi starts Kinder in the fall and I am homeschooling....oh boy, nervous and excited!

  4. Adorable! It's like her own personal classroom!

  5. This is fantastic! My 5 year old also has about a gazillion questions a day, so she would LOVE this.

  6. How fun! And your daughter probably loves this more than a straight answer to all her questions too...much more interactive!

  7. I just love her school table below her board!! And, what a great start to learning about weather, the time, etc.! Brilliant!

  8. It's like a preschool classroom in one little board! I love it! I think my boy will get a kick out of this in the next few years!

    1. Totally!! I hope your little one enjoys it someday! So fun!

  9. What a wonderful space for your daughter! The jars are adorable and simple to transform!

  10. super cute!!! thanks for linking up to the create link inspire party! pinning! Emily

  11. This is awesome! Saving it for later.


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