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Filling the Dead Space with LIFE - Practical Ways to Pray Without Ceasing

Monday, December 1, 2014

1 Thessalonians 5:17 "Pray without ceasing"

How? How, sweet Lord? How can we prayer without ceasing?

My heart so desperately wants to invite the Lord more into my day. More then just, "Hi, morning!" and "Thank you Lord, goodnight."  I want to feel He is with me, I want to feel I am letting Him into the messy, crazy, beautiful life I am living. 

Life is hectic. Life is busy. Life does not stop from sunrise to sunset. I want Jesus. And I want Him in my life, not just around when I need Him. 

I know my desire is true. I am know my intention is real. What is hard is to remember. Remembering Him, when the children are screaming out of hunger, remembering Him as I am running around on errand day trying to get all the grocery shopping in or remembering Him when I finally get a moment to clearly call my own and relax. It is not that I love God less, it is that I need help remembering more. 

I am taking this verse to heart and I am trying to implement some practical ways I can remind myself to let God into my day and PRAY, especially during Advent. My hope is to have my day flow as if I have never stopped praying. Every Monday in Advent I will share with you some practical ways I have found that work for me to remember to pray throughout my day.

This weeks dead space I want to fill with Life is- 
Brushing your teeth/Washing your hands in the bathroom.

Take your everyday post-it notes (um, greatest thing since sliced bread? Yes!) write out a prayer, a quote or an intention for someone on it and slap that baby on the mirror. I place mine exactly eye level so I do not have to strain at all, make it as easy to read as possible.  

This is a great way to memorize a verse, a prayer or even keep someone in your prayers for a week, a month...whatever. Make it what you want. Make it what you need. Or more importantly make it what He wants. **The Advent "sticky notes" shown here is from Ann Voskamp's website and you can download them for free here.  **

Fill the Space. Pray. Let Life In. 


  1. This was a great way to start my Monday. Thank you so much Cassie! Beautifully written. I put all my favorite quotes on my bathroom mirror;)

  2. Love this! I am trying harder to be more intentional about prayer. I've found that turning off the radio while I drive and praying is super helpful!

  3. oh here's the sticky note idea... I loved the extra step into the shower that you take!


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