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Girl Time + Jamberry Nail Fun + Giveaway

Friday, December 5, 2014

I have been eyeings these nail wraps for awhile, so I finally broke down and bought some cute fall/thanksgiving day colors! I knew we would be visiting family in Florida and was looking forward to carving out some quality "girl time" with my nieces and sister-in-law's to have fun with these nail wraps....and we sure did! We dived into this girly activity and loved every minute of it, gabbing away and having so much fun picking out our patterns and mix and matching them! We all proudly flaunted our fabulous nails on Thanksgiving and many days after!

After all sorts of baking, cooking, decorating and much dishwashing I am happy to report the nails held up great and still looking fresh! I like the fact that after applying these nail wraps can last up to 2 weeks, to me that is a great investment of money and time...if your a nail person. Plus I love the fun you can have with patterns! Check out how we did our nails- they are all so different!

I am happy to be teaming up with Veronica, a Jamberry Consultant, to bring you an opportunity to jump in on the fun!  We are hosting a Online Jamberry party, where you can see what Jamberry has to offer, ask questions about the products and order too.  The party will be from December 5-10 HERE (guaranteed Christmas orders must be made by the 10th).  I am already dreaming of what combination will look best with my Christmas outfit...can't wait!


To get you into the festivities I am giving away a half sheet of Jamberry's Santa Suit! Look how cute!-

Follow the Rafflecopter to enter, giveaway ends December 10th...good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I just got my first pair of Jamberries not too long ago & am wearing them now! I love all the holiday patterns!

  2. So fun! I got a sample last month and still haven't tried to put it on!! This weekend! :) I need to get some color on my nails anyways! It's been too long!

  3. Those look amazing! I may be the consultant but you could be my personal Jamberry stylist with those cute combos <3
    The Facebook party is going to be tons of fun so if anyone needs an invitation to join just let Cassie know!

  4. It's great that they last so long. Usually, my nails start chipping very quickly because I am a very active person. I love gardening and doing all sorts of creative projects. Wraps for nails are a useful alternative.


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