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Repurposed. Keurig Cup Carousel.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Monday Folks!

I found this Keurig Carousel at the thrift for a few bucks and knew I could figure out how to use it for something else.  I desperately needed a way to keep all my acrylic paint organized and yet have them displayed so I could still see the colors easy enough.  After a few adaptations this Keurig carousel was perfect! 

Step 1: Spray paint Keurig Caruosel. I went with a Rustoleum metallic gold

Step 2: The acrylic paint did not work “as is” unfortunately I had to make the middle size “thicker” in order for the acrylic pain containers to actually stay. So I troublshooted several different ways to make this work and this was my solution.  I found a thick piece of paper, almost like a cardboard texture, and fed it through, circled it around the middle pole until it was the thickness I needed to fill the gap in order for the acrylic pain containers to stay.

Step 3: Tape the paper after you found the desired width needed

Step 4: To insure the paper around the middle pole stayed in place I simply, stuffed it with paper towels, so it would not move around and stayed firm.

Step 5: Make a nice circle for the top of the carousel, so it looks prettier. I just used leftover paper, cut the circle width I need, and cut a small slit to slide it on. I did not tape mine, but you could if you wanted to.

Boom. Done. Organized.

Happy Repurposing!



  1. Great project! It came out beautifully!

  2. Such a clever idea! I love that! My craft space is in need of some serious organization right now...

  3. This is really a wonderful post.


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