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Ecumenical Friendships

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It’s Ecumenical Wednesday....I mean Thursday ;) sorry everyone, had to push it back a day! Woot. This movement of women across denominational lines is building bridges, creating friendships, and breaking down stereotypes and prejudices. It’s a simple thing, and it’s fierce. God is in the reconciliation business, and we’re honored to help you see faith from another perspective. If you’re interested in being featured, email Kristen and we can get the ball rolling!


 You guys are pretty much the luckiest readers in the world today because you get to know my sweet friend, Christie. I am pretty much obsessed with her southern drawl and she is very practically the kind person I have ever met. She blogs at Letters from the Nest and contributes at the Knoxville Moms Blog. Christie is the embodiment of southern charm and southern snark and I just love her to pieces. Ladies and gentlemen...Christie.

How did you come to your faith?

I could answer this question by simply saying that I went to church and was a good girl growing up. But neither of those things brought me to Christ. The Lord grabbed my heart and has not let go, regardless of the good or evil that I have done. He has chosen me from the beginning as a part of His people. Looking back, it is so evident to see His hand working in my life, as I am so undeserving and in such a need for a Savior.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced with your faith?

There is such a freedom to worship in our country, especially where I am from, that I cannot say that I have been faced with many challenges as my brothers and sisters in Christ in other countries. Knowing that I have the freedom to open my Bible and teach my children the Word humbles me in the midst of so many martyrs of the faith around the world.

What does Ecumenical Friendship mean to you?

It means breaking bread around the table with those who worship the Lord as I do. Serving in the same community to help the people who reside here. We love God, we love people. Church services may differ. Traditions are not exactly the same. But the worship of the Lord IS. And that’s where it matters.

Did you have any incorrect perceptions about what the Catholic church was like? What were they and what or who helped you see things differently?

Catholicism, from the outside, seemed very strict and tradition based. And while Catholics do follow religious rituals, they are joyful and loving people. They seem to embrace the church’s teachings and find peace there.

Why do you think cross-denominational friendships are important? 

With all of the horrendous happenings in our world today, teaming up with other denominations/churches to bring light to a dark world and seeking to serve the lost should always be our goal. Working together to worship the Creator!

If you could break down one stereotype about your church, whether Protestant or Catholic, what would it be? 

It seems people believe that if you are a Protestant, you have to have your car plastered in Christian bumper stickers, your radio is permanently set to a faith based station, and your Christmas wish list is from Altar'd State. Believers come in many shapes, sizes, piercings, and tattoos. And radio stations set to 90s grunge channels. What does the heart look like? That’s what God wants. Our hearts. Not our ichthus emblems on the trunks of our cars.

If you could share one thing that you’ve learned about Protestants/Catholics with other Protestants/Catholics, what would you say?

We could all learn so much from the devotion Catholics have to their body of believers. We are the body of Christ, and we should all take to heart the importance of meeting together and look forward to it with great anticipation! Two of my Influence roommates, Jenna and Cassie, took the time that weekend and find a Catholic church in the city we were to attend Mass instead of skipping it since they were out of their hometown. I found that inspiring and challenging. Ecumenical Friendships || Christie

Do you want to be a part of the Ecumenical Friendships movement? Here are a few ways to participate in the movement :

Share your photos and stories of friendship and faith on instagram using the hashtag #ecumenicalfriendships. We'll pick a few stories to feature every month.

Email your answers to these 7 questions to with a short bio and a headshot and I'll feature you in an upcoming Ecumenical Friendships blog post

Build Bridges. Start the movement. #ecumenicalfriendships

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