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Paper Christmas Trees Decor

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Merry Everyone!  Bringing you a simple, easy and gorgeous decoration idea for your home!  I made these a few years back and loved them so much I have preserved them through the years and have made more this year!

Step 1: Grab a Magazine

Step 2: Open Magazine, leave the front cover as is, do both the covers last
Step 3: Take top right corner of the first page and fold, crease well
Step 4: Grab then the right corner again (found more in the middle now)

Step 5: Crease the second fold
Step 6: make a crease/indent on the bottom flap using the magazine as your template

Step 7: Open the fold and bend the extra , inside, using the crease as your guide
Step 8: Fold the second fold back into place and crease well
Step 9: Turn the little tree limp over

Step 10: Repeat until magazine is all done

Tips: Feather out tree when finished and play with the shape. Use tape if necessary to get the look you want. Maybe even tape the two covers together

Step 11: Paint and Embellish to your hearts content!

Here are a few examples of different variations I made and the ladies who attended November's Kreative craft night had the option of making too!


  1. Cassie, what great ideas! I love them, and I love crafting and homemade decorations. We are making all our Christmas gifts this year too

    1. Thanks Laura! Homemade decorations are the best! Good for you for making all your gifts this year too! It is so much fun!

  2. Okay, seriously, you have such a gift for creating beauty in a home. Your dining room is just gorgeous. Wish you were near so you could help me beautify my wallllsssssss! They are bare and asking for lovely.


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