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Handmade for the Holidays // Gifts from Children // Busy Belle Shoppe

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nothing says, "Keepsake" then a handmade gift by a Child.  Those are the things you love, cherish and hold onto forever!  Here are two projects that are easy enough, a kid could do it, and results are awesome!
Washi Tape Art
From Morgan at Pepper Design Blog:
Hand Painted Candle Votive


And don't forget to support local and handmade during the holidays! Our Etsy Shop feature today is Busy Belle Handmade, they have the gosh darn cutest character hoodies you have every seen!

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 Busy Belle Handmade is a small business run by a busy little lady! I thrive on being busy and exploring our glorious world, but I also love those days I am at home letting my creativity flow.  My tiny little apartment is the home of my shop, as I sew on an old antique desk surrounded by vintage & handmade knicknacks (and piles of fleece, fabric & felt).

Growing up, I always watched my mother hand make & sew gifts for friends and family. There truly is nothing better than a handmade gift. Choosing fabrics, finding the right sizes and considering one's style is a fun art form when trying to create a perfect gift. I put that same thought and care into each one of my items. All of my items are sewn with love and especially made for you!  Follow me on Instagram at @busybelleshop to see what I am up to!
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