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Peg Doll Nativity Set // DIY

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Peg dolls, they are a "thing" right now and well, I am jumping on board...because they are so darn cute! I thought Gigi, would love them too, so I set out to make a nativity set for her =) Here is how I did that...


15 peg dolls: varying in size and how many you want to do (I got mine with the sizes I needed here)
Paint Colors: Blue, Brown, Red, White, Gold, Gray
Paint Brushes
Tacky Glue
Wood Beads: At least 4 (for the animal legs)
Sticks: for donkey ear and tail, and shepherds staffs
Cotton Ball: for lamb tail
Wire Cleaners- metallic gold for halos
Decorative beads or jewels for the wise king's gifts 

Here is how I did each piece, forgive me they are not perfect by any means ;)

3 Wise Kings;
 Painted them gold and glues a different gold decorative bead on each for the gifts


Painted Brown and Red and painted sticks for their staffs gold. Glued staff to doll with tacky glue.

Donkey and Lamb;

Donkey: choose a peg doll and put it on its side. Paint peg doll and two wood beads and sticks gray.  Glue sticks for ear and tail and also glue wood beads at the bottom for legs.

Lamb: choose a peg doll and put it on its side. Paint peg doll and two wood beads white.  Glue wood beads at the bottom for legs and also cotton ball for tail.


Paint body white and paint head gold. Take a metallic gold wire cleaner, size to head of doll and glue. 

Holy Family

Mary- painted blue and gold middle
Jesus- painted white with gold middle
Joseph- painted brown with gold middle

And here is the whole gang together!

 Here is the entire set together in there cute little home, which I found all scuffed up at the thrift, but nothing a little spray paint couldn't fix!  I added the star at the top and still might add some glitter to it!  Now to decide to glue them to the structure or let them be so my daughter can play with them? Thoughts? What do you think?

**please advise the small peg dolls are chocking hazards, so not advisable to have around children under 3**

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  1. This is so cute! My little one has been trying to climb up on the table to get the pieces of my nativity all season. I need to make one of these so he can have his very own!

    1. Thanks Megan! That the beauty of the this nativity set, in encourages play and interaction! Love that!

  2. This is so adorable!! I love how personalized and crafty these are. Pinning!!

  3. This is so wonderful, Cassie! I'm going to pin for when Evey is a little older. :)

  4. I love giving them a nativity set they can play with! Instead of always telling not to touch the nativity, now he can have one of his own! Love, love, love this!!!

    1. Exactly! Go child, and play away baby! I hope you make one for Ted, and that he LOVES it ;)


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